Customize template

Work-study jobs help students with their finances while studying at a certain school. If you need a way to optimize the way work-study applications are sent to your office, start with the work-study application form by 123FormBuilder. You can customize the form in any way you require and publish it on your school’s website. Start by adding or changing fields on the form, customize the email notification template and personalize a nice auto-reply for each message (e.g. Thank you for applying for a work-study job at our school. We will contact you shortly with all the necessary details once your application has been confirmed).

Publish template

Once you have edited the work-study application form template, it’s time to publish it. At 123FormBuilder, there are several publishing options to choose from. Aside from adding the form to a web page, you can share it on social media or via email. And students will complete the form within minutes from their desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Collect & manage data

Each time a student submits the work study application form, you will be notified by email with all the submitted information. Furthermore, you can keep track of all the work studies applications in a data table that comes attached to the form. From there, you can filter the applications, update them if needed, print them, and export them to CSV, Excel, or PDF.

Optimize processes

By using this form template by 123FormBuilder, you can simplify the work-study job application process. Also, you will release more of the workload that your HR department could be currently facing. If that is the case, get the online work-study application form now.

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