How Does Our Trivia Quiz Template Work?

To make our trivia quiz template work, you only need a computer or laptop with an Internet connection, a cup of coffee or tea, and the desire to organize a trivia game.

To start, you need to duplicate the trivia quiz in your 123FormBuilder account, from where you can customize it and share it with your friends or colleagues. Don’t have an account? Don’t worry! Once you click the Use this template button, you can create one for free and import this quiz into the contents editor.

Who Needs a Trivia Quiz Template?

Trivia is general knowledge that your target audience knows and understands. It can be about American history, biology, digital marketing, or other popular categories discussed within smaller or larger groups.

Trivia games are great for teaching, engaging, and having fun with students and professionals. For example, you can engage music lovers in a trivia quiz about their favorite bands or target video producers with trivia questions about techniques used in producing commercial videos. The possibilities are endless.

Did you know that as a speaker you can use a trivia quiz in your presentations to engage your audience at the start of each speech? It’s an interesting way to keep your attendees interested in your slides.

So, to answer the question, a trivia quiz template helps inspire the creator and organize the quiz in less time than having to think about what trivia questions to use.

Creating a Secure Trivia Quiz with 123FormBuilder

Customize your quiz template

Turn this trivia quiz template into the one you need with simple drag-and-drop and other useful features. 123FormBuilder is the go-to solution for building online quizzes with advanced functionality. Change questions, add images, include multiple choice answers, configure automatic scoring, edit fonts, and post answers right after completing the quiz.

123FormBuilder is not just a form builder but an online quiz maker, as well, due to its quiz-related features like:

  • Assigning points to each multiple-choice question
  • Using a countdown timer
  • Enabling automatic grading
  • Logic jumps, question-by-question

Easily publish your trivia game template

Post your trivia quiz on your website, share it on social media, or send it to your friends by email. And all it takes is a copy-paste effort. Of course, no coding is needed.

Securely collect & manage responses

You can check up on your respondents’ answers at any time. And that’s because this trivia quiz template has a built-in database system that comes with the 123FormBuilder account. There, you can download responses in a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

Engage your users

Trivia quizzes are a way to have fun, but they also help businesses engage with their audience in a friendly manner. So get started with your trivia quiz by copying this template into your 123FormBuilder account. Enjoy!

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

With 123FormBuilder, you can collect answers and send them to your preferred tool using Zapier. There are 4,000+ connections you can choose from that are compatible with 123FormBuilder. Not to mention that you can generate the shareable link of your quiz and paste it into your PowerPoint slide.

Trivia Quiz – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a trivia quiz?

You can easily create a trivia quiz using 123FormBuilder. Simply use our trivia quiz template to get started, edit it as you see fit, and share it anywhere online. Or you can create it from scratch and type your trivia questions using your keyboard.

How do you make a virtual trivia game?

You can easily host a virtual trivia game using 123FormBuilder’s trivia quiz template. Select the template in our gallery, copy it into the quiz editor, customize it, and share its link. You can add an animated background to the quiz and make it look like a virtual game room.

How do you write a good trivia?

  • To write a good trivia, start with your research and define the topic category.
  • Next, identify your target audience and what knowledge on the topic is well known. Avoid asking in-depth or specific questions on a subject matter, as fewer people will be able to answer them correctly. On the other hand, these types of questions may educate your audience and increase their knowledge.
  • If you’re unsure what to ask them, ask for their feedback in a survey.
  • When designing your trivia quiz, ensure you map the correct answers with your trivia questions. With 123FormBuilder, you can easily do it by setting up the correct answer to each multiple-choice question field.
  • Lastly, opt for an engaging design for your quiz that increases completion rates.
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