Customize template

Turn this trivia quiz template into the one you need with simple drag-and-drop and other useful features. 123 Form Builder is the go-to solution for building online quizzes with advanced functionality. Change questions, add images, configure automatic scoring, and post answers right after the quiz has been completed.

Publish template

Post your trivia quiz on your website, share it on social media, or send it to your friends on email. And all it takes is a copy-paste effort. Of course, no coding needed.

Collect & manage data

You can check up on the answers your respondents have provided at any time. And that’s because this trivia quiz template has a built-in database system that comes with the 123 Form Builder account.

Optimize processes

Trivia quizzes are a way to have fun, but also help businesses engage with their audience in a friendly manner. So get started with your trivia quiz by copying this template in your 123 Form Builder account. Enjoy!

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