Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a referral form template?

Once you know what your goal is with the refer-a-friend campaign, just use 123FormBuilder free template, drag and drop any fields you may need, and publish it on your website.

What should a referral form include?

A referral form must include an indetification area for the person who’s making the suggestion and friends’ contact information.

How do I customize a referral form template?

Creating a referral form? This online refer-a-friend form template is free to use and easy to adapt for any purpose—referrals for memberships, jobs, awards, subscriptions and more. Simply use the intuitive editing tool to add and remove text fields, checkboxes, Likert scales, file uploaders, whatever applies! Be sure to personalize the colors and fonts, add your logo, and set the form to send notifications to all involved.

How do I publish a referral form template?

The only thing easier than building a refer-a-friend form is sharing it online. Once you click the Publish button, you’ll find an embed tag that you can copy and paste directly into a page on your website. In addition, you can email the form link or post it to social media right without even leaving the publishing tool. Once the form is out in the world, it will display neatly on a range of devices thanks to a mobile responsive layout that automatically adjusts its size and input format to accommodate smaller displays and touchscreens.

How to collect and manage data?

Your web-based refer-a-friend form not only emails responses in a nice, clean package, it also sorts them in a dedicated database. There you’ll have an archive of all referrals, which you can visit anytime or export to a spreadsheet or PDF. For full automation, you can also sync your form with Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Salesforce and many other productivity apps.

How to optimize processes?

The convenience of an online refer-a-friend form makes it a surefire way to encourage even more participation. By making it available anywhere in the world—whether on your website, via email, or social media—people can recommend your offerings to friends the moment the inspiration hits them. Moreover, online forms are a big step towards the green, uncluttered, paperless office of your dreams!

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