Learn more about how 123FormBuilder can help you design polls on our Poll Maker page.

Customize template

Whenever you need to collect quick online feedback, start with our public opinion poll. Modify the sample questions we provide, drag and drop additional ones, or use Likert scales. Naturally, you can customize the template to ask for customer opinions instead. It goes with any type of quick feedback, really. Make it pretty by changing the theme or adding an image field.

Publish template

Share your poll with an audience by publishing it on a web page. Post the form link anywhere you want with a simple copy-paste, for example on a social platform. Send the poll via email if you prefer, or set it up in a popup box on your blog to make it stand out. Our public opinion poll is optimized for mobile devices, to make it easy for respondents to fill even on the go.

Collect & manage data

Simplify political research with our pre-made online template to help you promptly explore how the public feels about current issues or events. The form’s database allows you to download various types of reports, equipped with clean visuals that you can share with your audience. We also offer multiple third-party app integrations.

Optimize processes

Need to run effortless online polls and receive real-time alerts? Get quick feedback from your audience or customers with our super-friendly tool. You only need to create a 123FormBuilder account and start polling.

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