How Does Our Proof Approval Form Template Work?

The 123FormBuilder proof approval form template works on any online platform like your website, blog, or social media page. You can share it in various ways, like in an email or messenger via its URL. 

You will find all form entries in a dedicated table in your 123FormBuilder account, where you can view and manage them as you please. Each form you build on 123FormBuilder comes with its own Submissions table.

After your customer submits the form, you receive an email notification with the contents of the proof approval. To enhance communication, you can configure an auto-reply email with a custom message that the client gets immediately after submitting the form or delayed by a few minutes.

123FormBuilder is the go-to form builder for creating and customizing reliable proof approval forms. 

Who Needs A Proof Approval Form?

If you’re running a printing company or work in marketing, a proof approval form helps collect feedback from customers, colleagues, and managers faster. 

Instead of wasting time using various communication channels and organizing spreadsheets, the proof approval form manages the client’s feedback in one place. So, you will be able to address all proof errors promptly and improve the quality of your services.

Creating a Secure Proof Approval Form with 123FormBuilder

With 123FormBuilder, you can create your proof approval form within minutes and share it with customers on any device. No coding is necessary, and no other technical skills.

Customize your form template

Choose from a selection of design themes or create custom themes that will allow you to brand your proof approval form. Select your preferred font, drag and drop new fields from over 30 options, and add form elements like electronic signatures, file uploads, Terms of Service, and PDF documents that your customers can read directly on the proof approval form. 

Publish your template in minutes

Once ready to publish the form, go to 123FormBuilder’s Publish section and choose the preferred publish method. Options include:

  • Code embed 
  • Link
  • Lightbox popup

All of the above require a copy and paste effort, nothing more!

Securely collect & manage data

When you ask your customers to fill in your proof approval form, you ask them to trust you with their information. 123FormBuilder is about creating secure forms and keeping your data safe; this includes using SSL, providing Captcha, maintaining encryption technologies, and staying up-to-date with data regulations (GDPR, HIPAA). 

Optimize data collection processes

Better forms lead to better proof approvals. With our proof approval form template, you can speed up internal processes with efficient and secure data collection.

Integrate Tools as Easy as 1-2-3

You can connect this proof approval form template with Google sheets, Salesforce, Mailchimp, or any other tool using 123FormBuilder’s native apps or Zapier. 

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