Customize template

Track your real estate data more efficiently with a price offer form. Customize our form template with buyer information, property details, financing info, inspection and approval information. Plus any special conditions for the offer. To this end, you can add multiple pages, image uploads, single- and multiple-choice questions, and other data fields you need to process real estate transactions. Choose from different form design options or customize using your own CSS code. Whatever you need in a price offer form, you can create it with 123FormBuilder.

Publish template

Once you’ve customized your price offer form to meet your needs, it’s easy to publish the form wherever it needs to go. Use the simple form link that people can click to fill out the form, or embed it on your real estate website or Facebook page. If you use another publishing platform such as Joomla, WordPress or Blogger, you can connect it to your form for easy publishing and form access. Evidently, all forms are mobile friendly so buyers can easily fill in price offer forms on the go.

Collect & manage data

Gather the real estate data you need to process transactions efficiently with our price offer form, which makes submissions available instantly in your 123FormBuilder dashboard. You can also export data to PDF, CSV or Excel files for processing and sharing, or connect with other systems such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive and more to get the price offer info you need.

Optimize processes

Optimize your real estate workflow so you can focus on client needs. Use a digital price offer form and send the information to the right systems to ensure quick and accurate data processing. Plus, get email and SMS alerts when price offers are submitted so you know to follow up quickly. Once your workflow is optimized, you’ll be able to handle more offers than ever before.

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