Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a participant registration form for an event?

It might feel overwhelming if this is a first for you. So take advantage of our participant registration form template and use it as an inspiration when building your form. Your event is unique, so customize it to look and sound relevant to your theme.

What should I include in a participant registration form?

You want to make sure you have all the details of your participants, such as their contact details or their preferences for certain activities or schedules. It will help you better manage your event and easily reach out to them for confirmations, cancellations, or other important information.

Customize template

Collect registrations online with this participant registration form template. You can tailor it to any type of event or activity—no coding skills needed! Just drag and drop to add or remove fields, using text boxes, radio buttons, formatted dates/addresses/phone numbers, signatures and much more. Then customize autoresponders and notifications to email or text a copy to everyone who needs the information.

Publish template

Sharing your participation registration form is much easier than handing out paper forms. It can live seamlessly on your website—simply copy and paste the provided embed tags. Alternatively, send out the form’s standalone page via email or post it on social media. No matter how you choose to publicize it, participants will appreciate the flexible, mobile-responsive design that automatically adapts to their device type (smartphone, tablet, computer) for a better fill-in experience.

Collect & manage data

In addition to the convenience of electronic signup, the participant registration online form assembles all submissions into an encrypted database. Simply log in to your account to view past submissions, print or download them to a device. For even more automation, sync your form to one or more online productivity services or payment processors. 123FormBuilder can integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive, PayPal, MailChimp and many more.

Optimize processes

Spend less time typing up attendee lists and more time planning activities. Your online participant registration form takes you a step closer to a paperless office while saving you tedious data entry. No matter what kind of activity you’re leading—dance lessons, team sports, cooking classes, yoga—switching to an online form will give your group a head start. Finally, configurable notifications do wonders for teamwork by alerting instructors of new members. Simultaneously, your autoresponder can be customized to inform participants that their signup was received and include key information such as meeting times and payment due dates.

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