Customize template

It’s important to keep your students on their toes. A great way to do that is by having regular geography quizzes. Customize our online geography quiz template using our quiz maker. Include questions about the cities, countries or regions you are currently studying. Or create a comprehensive quiz about multiple areas. Start with our simple template and add single-choice, multiple-choice, dropdown and even image upload questions to test your students’ knowledge.

Publish template

Publishing your online geography quiz is easy. To this end, add a link to the quiz on your class website or send it to students by email or social media. Also, you can connect your online geography quiz form to the other systems your school uses to manage its web presence, such as Blogger, Joomla or WordPress. For a little fun, share the quiz publicly to see how your students’ answers compare to the general public! All forms are mobile friendly so students can take quizzes on a mobile device if school policy allows.

Collect & manage data

We know that keeping student data and quiz results secure is incredibly important. Securely collect and manage student responses to your online geography quiz in an online dashboard, or export responses to Excel, CSV or PDF files. To streamline your educational operations even more, connect to the other systems you use to manage student info, so you will have all the data you need in the same place.

Optimize processes

Make your life easier: get instant alerts by email or SMS when geography quiz responses come in, so you know right away when each student has finished taking the quiz. An all-digital workflow will make things much easier for you as a busy education professional and help you focus on improving student learning and raising quiz scores over time.

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