Customize template

Writing a real estate purchase offer can be a bore. So we’ve conceived this generic template that you can use as-is or add to it any elements you want in order to match your business. For example, use the drag and drop option to add more question fields to your form. In any case, consider statements that would be client specific. Then customize the design elements to match your branding and configure multiple recipients for the purchase offers you’re going to get.

Publish template

After completing the look and content of your digital land purchase letter, you’ll want it available for prospective buyers. No need to worry, sharing the form online is a piece of cake. You only need to copy and paste the form code to embed it into your website. Or opt for sharing the form via email or other web platforms – we come with many options, so choose the ones that suit you best. Furthermore, with mobile responsive form design, clients can submit their proposals from just about anywhere.

Collect & manage data

Every land purchase offer lands in a safely kept database. You can update the entries from our platform or choose to download the data table as a CSV, Excel or PDF file. Besides, if you like using a file management app to improve client record keeping, make sure you check out our multiple third-party integrations.

Optimize processes

Provide the interested land buyers an online fillable form to submit their purchase offer. With 123FormBuilder it’s easy to modify any template in order to reflect your state’s particular real estate laws. Plus, real-time notifications will land in your inbox as soon as potential buyers register their interest in the property. Saving time and moving more rapidly towards better real estate deals is no longer a challenge with our digital forms.

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