Customize template

Start with basic info such as name, contact information, and desired position. Then, customize with additional fields to gather information about credentials, skills, and more. Modifying the Job Seekers Application Form to meet your hiring needs with single multiple-choice questions, rating scales, and file uploads is simple.

Publish template

Get your forms in front of job seekers by publishing them to a simple link or by embedding your form on a web page. Even better, post the form link to platforms such as Facebook for a seamless form management experience. Forms are mobile friendly so it’s easy for job seekers to fill out an application on the go, increasing your pool of potential talent.

Collect & manage data

Keep your job applicant data secure in an online database. You can export to Excel, CSV, or PDF files from there. For optimal workflow, connect your applicant form to the other web apps you use. This way, you can easily track applicant data, qualifications, and even new hires using a single source of truth.

Optimize processes

Find out right away when top talent applies to your positions. Optimize your job application workflow with instant email or SMS alerts when new applications come in. This will let you review and respond appropriately and quickly to new submissions—and hire the superstars who’ll transform your business.

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