Customize template

Create a custom homework assignment sheet to help students stay on track. Our homework assignment template includes fields for student names and helps you track assignments for each day of the week. Choose from subjects such as math, reading, writing and science, or add your own. Customize the template with single-choice, multiple-choice, dropdown and other fields. We even support images and file uploads for digital assignments. Add your school’s visual branding and even customize the CSS or use your school website CSS to promote student success.

Publish template

It’s easy to embed homework assignment forms on your school or class website, or create a link to share with students by email or social media. Even better, connect with Facebook, WordPress and other content publishing platforms to get assignment forms in front of students and parents. A mobile-friendly homework assignment form that looks great on every device makes it easy to keep students and parents up to date with assignments.

Collect & manage data

Gather responses to your student homework assignment sheet in a central location for review. This makes it easy for students, parents, and teachers to see what homework has been assigned and check that it’s been completed. From the 123 Form Builder dashboard, compile reports on homework assignments and export them to Excel, CSV or PDF. It’s also possible to connect to Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox and other apps for coordinated data management.

Optimize processes

Teaching, parenting and being a student are already hard enough. Make it much easier with a homework assignment sheet that automatically alerts you of new assignments by email or SMS, so you don’t spend time manually going through lists of homework assignments for your children or students. Automating the process will help you and your students achieve success.