Customize template

Use our commercial lease agreement form template to establish viable rapports for office buildings and other properties. A lease agreement form for commercial properties can start with simple information such as lessor and lessee name and address, as well as a description of the premises and intended use for the property. In addition to adorning the template with your own form fields, drop-down menus and more, you can customize the look and feel, even using custom CSS to match your brand.

Publish template

Once you customize your lease agreement form for commercial purposes, you can easily publish it to your website or to a link that you can share by email or social media. However you want to send your form to lessees, you can do it. Integrate your commercial lease agreement form with the systems you use to publish your websites, such as Blogger, Joomla or WordPress, so you can more easily manage your lease agreements. Best of all, these lease agreement forms for commercial purposes are mobile friendly and easy to fill out on any device, from anywhere.

Collect & manage data

Keep your commercial lessee data secure with an online dashboard that makes it easy to create visual reports or export information to CSV, Excel or PDF. Even better, connect your commercial lease agreement form to your other systems and web apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and more, so you can easily keep all your data in sync.

Optimize processes

The right workflow will help you efficiently make and track each lease agreement form for commercial purposes. Find out right away when new forms are submitted using email and text alerts so you’re always up to date on your commercial lease agreement form submissions and can quickly respond to them.

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