Customize template

Looking for a better system to log your due diligence? An online form just may be the answer. Start with this business evaluation form template, then just drag and drop the data points you need. Choose from text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, Likert scales, file uploads and many more. Even the colors and fonts are yours to personalize. Finally, configure notifications to email the assessment results to your partners.

Publish template

A big advantage of online forms is the ability to make it available for use anywhere. This business evaluation form is no different. You can embed it into your website with a simple copy/paste or share the form’s direct link by email, social media, text message or chat. It’s a great fit for both computers and mobile devices thanks to a responsive layout that adjusts according to the user’s display size and input type (keyboard or touchscreen).

Collect & manage data

Your online business evaluation form not only distributes submissions, it keeps them logged in a dedicated database accessible from your 123FormBuilder account. You can log in to your account to review submissions or export them as spreadsheets to upload to other software. Better yet, integrate your form with Dropbox, Salesforce, Constant Contact and save yourself the export/import steps.

Optimize processes

How are you currently storing the findings of company research? If you’re currently using Word files or paper, a web-based business evaluation will considerably upgrade your process. First, this form will help your team members evaluate companies according to consistent criteria. Furthermore, the assessments live in a central location where other collaborators can access them, preventing them from burial in an email inbox, or worse, trapped on one person’s computer.

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