Customize template

Make a home run with a new online enrollment system for your baseball or softball league. It may sound difficult, but the technical part has been taken care of with this baseball registration form template. All you need to do is add any data fields that apply to your team and remove any you don’t need. There’s even an option to edit the theme and add your logo or mascot image. Fully configurable autoresponders and notifications notify players and coaches upon registration.

Publish template

Once your baseball registration form is set up, it will be ready to go to bat at once. Simply copy and paste the embed code into a page on your site. You need only embed it once because changes to the form will show up on your site too! In addition, the form can stay as its own web page which you can share by email, chat or social media. Rest assured that players on mobile devices will have an easy time filling the form thanks to the mobile responsive design.

Collect & manage data

As players sign up online via your new baseball registration form, the team roster expands inside your 123FormBuilder account. You can access this secure database at any time to view new players, generate analytics and export the list to Excel, CSV or PDF. Or cover all the bases with third-party integrations. Collect fees with PayPal, Stripe, or another payment gateway. Or keep your records in sync by linking your form to apps such as Constant Contact, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Optimize registrations

Your online baseball registration form is sure to be the MVP of the enrollment season. Rather than sort and transfer enrollment forms one by one, your web form will log your players automatically so you can concentrate on coaching, ordering uniforms, and setting up games. Additionally, configurable email notifications are a great way to welcome every player and notify managers and coaches as players join the teams.

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