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Did You Know You Could Do This With an Online Form?

Anyone who has ever used the internet has been asked to fill out an online form. It might have been for a subscription, an application, an event sign-up, or practically anything else. Online forms are everywhere you look and they’re incredibly useful.

Many different types of forms are used to collect a wide range of types of data and they have become a part of our everyday life. They’re an easy-to-implement solution to gathering necessary data that is safe and secure. 

Of course, you may be already familiar with the already-classic contact form, complaint form, or event registration form. But are you familiar with the more creative uses of online forms

If not, here are some of them: 

7 Form Uses You Probably Didn’t Know

What many people don’t know is that online forms can go well beyond the aforementioned “classics”. Some other uses of web forms include the following. 

Collecting payments with forms

Digitization is taking over. For a business to be successful nowadays, it needs to accept online payments and adopt multiple online payment methods. And when you collect those payments, you need to provide a secure method of doing so.

If you have the right form builder with great security and data privacy options such as 123FormBuilder, you can create payment collection order forms easily and safely. All of that in just a few clicks and a couple of minutes, which is exactly how your customers will fill out your forms.

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Connecting data to your favorite tools

Every business nowadays uses a plethora of tools to perform its day-to-day operations, and all of those tools use a lot of data. The importance of data is already well-known but if you don’t have an automated way to connect all of these tools to it, there’s a lot of manual work ahead of you.

Luckily for you, online forms can integrate with your favorite tools and automatically connect the data to them. You can do things such as getting results in your CRM, bringing contacts to your email list, and much more.

Check out the form apps we offer in our form builder.

Creating internal workflows

Big companies deal with a lot of complex processes, and to make operations more efficient, they need to find ways to make those processes simpler and faster. With the right form, you can connect data to the tools your business uses and make the data collection process more efficient and less prone to human error.

This way, internal workflows will be easier to create and manage, and your employees will be able to focus on more important tasks without worrying about data collection.

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your internal processes, see what our Enterprise suite has to offer for workflow forms.

Generating quotes for your customers

If you sell a service, you can generate leads and get their details by providing them with quotes via an online form.

Before using this method, companies usually responded to quote requests via email. But when you use this type of form, you can create a slick and professional automated quote that also speeds up the process. This method is ideal for agencies, freelancers with a fixed rate, translators, insurance companies, and, generally, pay-by-project companies.

Not only is this great for lead generation, but it also helps you provide potential customers with an instant quote that fits their needs and requests.

See our quote form templates and pick the form that best fits your needs without having to build it from scratch.

Collecting survey responses and feedback

Surveys are another great way to collect data from your customers. Fortunately, thanks to online drag and drop survey makers, creating surveys, quizzes, and feedback forms is a piece of cake.  

Customers don’t usually like giving feedback or filling out surveys, but if you allow them to do it in a fun and simple way, you will have more feedback than ever before.

Not that we’re bragging, but we’ve got a great amount of feedback form templates that will help you get started with your customers. We’ve also created a customer feedback guide in case you’re looking for ideas on how to run your feedback process peach-perfect.

Run quizzes for your students

In 2020, every teacher was forced to move their classes online. And for the time being, that’s still the primary way a lot of students around the world attend their classes. This doesn’t come without challenges, and being able to adequately and accurately test your students is one of them. However, online quizzes can save you by providing you with a safe, easy, and transparent way of testing students.

With a good online quiz maker, teachers can use a plethora of online form features that allow them to create fun and interesting quizzes for their online classrooms and their classes.

White-label your online forms

If you want to create a form that’s unique to you and your business, create white label forms that you customize according to your brand. This way, every form you build will match your visual identity and you can easily integrate it wherever you want.

Final thoughts

If you ever asked the question “What can you do with online forms?” you now probably realize that the answer is “a lot”. Online forms have come a long way since they first became popular online and both businesses and individuals can find many uses for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a SaaS company that’s looking for a creative way to provide quotes to their customers, a teacher looking to create fun quizzes for their students, or anyone in between. You simply can’t go wrong with an online form.

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