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The Best Typeform Alternative – 123FormBuilder vs Typeform

Looking for a tremendous formbuilder solution for your business’s growing needs? There are many options on the market, so how can you know which is the best for you? Well, you could start with a short analysis of a few options. Today, we are going to discuss the best Typeform alternative—123FormBuilder, of course. 

Keep reading to find out more about who is superior in the 123FormBuilder vs. Typeform “battle,” what features and plans each form builder solution offers, and who might be best for you. Let’s begin!

Pricing Tiers Comparison

We will start, as always, with the prices. After all, costs drive most possible clients when looking for a new app or product. Let’s see how much a 123FormBuilder vs Typeform subscription can cost you. 

A first green flag for both solutions is that they offer Free plans that you can keep forever. You get access to a limited number of forms and submissions, but you can explore the features and figure out exactly what you’re looking for from an online form-building solution. 

We’ll start with 123FormBuilder, which offers a Free plan equipped with a drag-and-drop editor, a digital signature, a Likert scale, and many types of form field question types. 

The Gold plan costs $37/month and unlocks access to an increased number of monthly submissions(5,000) and forms, plus the upload and formula fields. With our Typeform alternative, you’ll also get features like multi-language forms, import/export submissions, custom reports, custom email notifications, save/edit later for forms, many built-in integrations, and multi-user collaboration. 

With the Diamond plan ($49/month), you get all of the above, plus payment integrations, a custom domain, and a removable product link. 

The Platinum plan, which costs $99/month, includes 42+ built-in integrations, integration with Salesforce marketing cloud, forms accessible from Salesforce, and data encryption. 

If you need unlimited everything, HIPAA compliance, a dedicated account manager, or priority support, you can upgrade to an Enterprise plan. 

Typeform has its own Free plan, where you can taste some of what it can do. You have 10 free responses per month and various form field types to choose from. You can also check dome form performance metrics and access templates. 

The Basic plan ($25/month) unlocks only 100 monthly responses for your forms (much less than the 5,000 covered by 123FormBuilder’s Gold plan), conditional logic, adding your brand logo, custom metadata for social media, file uploads, and payments. 

The Plus plan ($83/month) unlocks 1,000 monthly responses and three users per account, thank you page redirects, premium themes removing Typeform branding from forms, custom form ID and subdomain, and live chat support. 

The Business plan ($83/month) offers all of the above, plus 10,000 monthly submissions, which is a low number when considering our Typeform alternative plan—Platinum—which offers 100,000 monthly submissions. The Business plan also provides Google Analytics and Google Pixel access, forms accessible from Salesforce, form translations, and priority support. 

For anything more from Typeform, you will have to ask for an Enterprise account. 

Form Creation and Customization

123FormBuilder has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor you can use starting with the Free plan. The editor has four primary components: Create, Set up, Publish, and Results. You can use these sections to modify your online forms however you see fit. Each segment has a left-side menu with additional customization choices and features.  Of course, you also have over 1,900 form templates you can simply pick and use or further customize to your liking.

123formbuilder form templates gallery
123FormBuilder Templates Gallery

Typeform uses a similar concept when creating online forms. The editor has five components: Create, Connect, Share, Results, and a Publish button. 

However, the form field-adding process is slightly different. You must press/click the Add content button to open the form field menu and choose what you want. Afterward, you can further customize the field as you see fit using the right-side menu. You can see the list of your questions on the left-side menu. 

Typeform Editor
Typeform Editor

Payment Integrations

Sales are the basis of any profitable business. After all, you want to turn a profit and grow your clientele. To maximize your chances of success, you need an optimized sales workflow. If consumers have an easy time shopping, they are more likely to make a purchase. 

A form builder that integrates a payment processor can make your task easier. With 123FormBuilder forms, you can activate multiple payment processors simultaneously. Our alternative to Typeform has over fifteen native payment processors available right on your web form. Square, Stripe, and PayPal are a few well-known examples. 

Screenshot of 123FormBuilder Payment Processors
123FormBuilder Payment Processors

No additional fees are required; you simply need to pay the processing rate the payment processor has set using your order, donation, and product inventory forms. Starting with the Platinum plan, you can activate payments on your 123FormBuilder forms.

Typeform offers payments with its plans, but at the time of writing this article, it only integrates with Stripe. Therefore, your clients may feel limited to using one payment processor. You can access it from the Connect top-side menu. Our alternative to Typeform eases your concerns by allowing you to use any of our built-in payment processors—even more than one on the same form.

Typeform Payments Stripe
Typeform Payments Stripe

Integrations, Automation, and Analytics

With the correct integrations, you can assemble websites with embedded forms, automate your data collecting and administration procedures, and design and carry out effective marketing campaigns. With over 3,000 integrations, both native and through Zapier, 123FormBuilder is among the top alternatives to Typeform.

You may create Salesforce databases, send emails using Hubspot, or pass data submitted using forms to Google Sheets.

Typeform offers integration with 40 apps and software solutions, including Mailchimp and Google Sheets. It also has 500+ integrations via Zapier and the sole payment integration with Stripe. 

Typeform integrations interface
Typeform Integrations Interface

Businesses may manage their databases properly by using 123FormBuilder, which gives customers on the Diamond plan and up access to forms from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales, and Salesforce Experience. Additionally, the Enterprise plan offers priority assistance, virtual database management, dynamic prefill, dedicated account management, and two-way connectivity with Salesforce.

Typeform also allows users to connect their forms and send data to Salesforce. However, the automation features can feel somewhat limited. 

The greatest Typeform alternative available is 123FormBuilder, which enables all users to view their form outcomes using pie charts and form insights. Basic form analytics are provided to both free and Gold plan customers. These metrics include views, submissions, and the average time to complete a form. In addition to field insights with stats for field views, drop-off rates, and time spent on the field, Diamond users and above receive advanced insights into device types, locations, and referrers.

You can observe how your survey performs in Typeform’s Results section. It has three subsections: insights, summary, and responses. After upgrading to a paid plan, you will find more comprehensible data there.

Security and Privacy

Security is a top priority for Typeform and 123FormBuilder. Most respondents and users want to be sure that whatever data they give is protected from online threats.

Our free alternative to Typeform implemented several security and privacy protocols. These measures safeguard survey data and maintain confidentiality, including data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information, IP blocks to prevent unauthorized access, password protection for authorized access, and Captcha to stop spam. Together, these precautions give survey data a high degree of security.

Typeform and our alternative to Typeform are available for enterprises needing HIPAA compliance. Our features effectively cover the medical field. Enterprise accounts have the option to add HIPAA compliance in addition to enterprise-level security like SSO. 

Typeform is less descriptive about its security measures. However, you know your in-transit data is encrypted using TLS protocols, while data at rest is encrypted using AES. 

123FormBuilder – The Best Typeform Alternative

Now you have an idea of what 123FormBuilder and Typeform offer. As you can see, 123FormBuilder is a great alternative to Typeform, and you can start with a free account to try it out. 

Customize your online forms with drag-and-drop, add or remove form fields, view form insights to help you review and improve your forms, and add multiple payment processors on the same form! The only limit to what you can do with 123FormBuilder is your imagination! 

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