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6 UX Survey Tools For Creating A Winning User Experience

Whether you’re designing a website, mobile app, or any digital product, UX survey tools foster a collaborative approach by providing invaluable insights into your users’ needs, preferences, and pain points. You can use them to collect direct feedback from your users, enabling you to refine and optimize your designs together. 

That being said, when was the last time you evaluated a website, app, or software product UX? If it’s been a while, or if you see possible problems in your design, maybe it’s time to ask for some feedback. 

UX survey tools help developers get their audience’s feelings regarding user experience. Let’s explore how these tools can help you create exceptional user experiences

How UX Survey Tools Enhance User Experience

Identify user pain points — Use a survey to uncover specific issues that your users encounter when browsing your website, app, or product. Later, you can address and resolve those problems effectively. 

Validate design decisions – Feedback ensures your solution aligns with user expectations before implementing them fully. 

Measure usability and satisfaction – Regularly conducted surveys can effectively track user satisfaction and usability, giving you a benchmark for improvement. 

Prioritize improvements – Surveys help you understand what users value most and allow you to prioritize development. 

Improve personalization – Getting insight into user preferences and behaviors allows you to tailor their experience to meet their individual needs. 

6 of the Best UX Survey Tools

Let’s look at six UX survey tools that can significantly improve your ability to create a winning user experience. 


The formbuilder solution provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly create customized surveys without coding skills. 

There are over 3,000 form templates to choose from, making it easier to get started. Plus, you can customize them further to suit your needs. 

Use features like conditional logic, upload field, multiple question types (single choice, multiple choice, closed/open-ended questions, etc.), optimal security measures, and a drag-and-drop editor

Our online forms integrate with popular tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Drive, PayPal, and more. Many options are available to enable efficient data management

Form Insights and form field insights offer thorough reports that can be used to draw conclusions and make the necessary changes. 

You can begin your 123FormBuilder journey with a free account. Paid plans start at $37/month. 


This customer analytics solution can help you learn more about your UX interface. It provides thorough analysis based on certain tools, including session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and user interviews. 

With Hotjar, you can deploy surveys for immediate feedback and get survey response summary reports. You can start on a free plan or choose a paid one. 


This full-experience platform allows developers to collect UX insights and examine them to improve design and utility. It’s a great solution for large organizations that want to execute a systematic UX process. 

UserZoom features include click and tree testing, remote usability tests, survey participant recruitment, robust security measures, and moderated/unmoderated surveys. 

UserZoom pricing depends on client needs. 

Google Forms

When your needs are not very complicated, you can resort to Google Forms. This online tool is accessible for teams of all sizes. You can customize surveys with themes and elements to create a more engaging experience. 

The main positive is that Google Forms seamlessly integrates with other Google services and devices, facilitating data export, sharing, and analysis. 


Qualtrics is a UX survey tool with advanced capabilities suitable for large organizations requiring extensive research. It provides analytics tools that allow survey data to be turned into actionable insights. Its custom workflows automate survey distribution and follow-up actions. 

Qualtrics employs high data security and compliance with industry standards, making it ideal for sensitive information. You can access 22 question types, survey templates, branching logic, and analytics. However, remember that Qualtrics is only available with custom prices, so you must contact them for more details and quotations. 


This UX survey tool is a great option for in-depth examinations of the user experience of your website, app, or product. It facilitates finding people and collect their opinions using live interviews and diary entries. Dscout also allows you to automatically manage participants and related administrative tasks. 

Dscout allows you to vet UX research participants, set up custom surveys, studies, and interviews, collaborate on research, and use iterative research methods. 

123FormBuilder – A Powerful UX Survey Tool

Many web, apps, and product developers can find an ally in 123FormBuilder. It can truly be an essential UX survey tool that simplifies their work and facilitates the user experience optimization process. 

123FormBuilder is intuitive and easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop editor, and it doesn’t require coding, so anyone can use it. You can pick out existing survey templates and customize their text, design, and form field structure. You can create a custom domain and add your specific branding. You can use conditional logic and branching to personalize the respondent experience and get accurate insights useful for improving the UX. 

Moreover, 123FormBuilder has an extensive set of form insights ready to be analyzed as soon as respondents send in their responses. The data can be exported as PDF or sent to data management third-party applications like Google Drive, Salesforce, and more. The UX survey tool integrates natively with more than 45 applications and over 5,000 other third-party apps via Zapier

So, when you want to know what your clients or users think of your app, website, or product user experience, give 123FormBuilder a try. You can get valuable insights that will help you improve your project and get more use out of it. 

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