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Enhanced User Experience: Save Respondent Form Progress Automatically

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of this highly anticipated functionality, designed to enhance the user experience and streamline form submissions. With Autosave Progress, respondents can now bid farewell to the fear of losing their work. Whether it’s a lengthy survey, a comprehensive job application, or a detailed event registration form, we’ve got you covered. Gone are the days of accidental refreshes or internet connectivity issues erasing precious form input. 

Our advanced autosave technology ensures that every respondent’s progress is automatically saved, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted completion. Say hello to hassle-free form filling and improved user satisfaction. Get ready to empower your respondents with the convenience they deserve!

We understand that sometimes respondents may begin filling out a form but fail to submit it for various reasons. To address this, we have implemented a convenient solution. When respondents initiate the form-filling process but don’t complete it, we store their provided answers in their web browser for a period of 15 days.

The next time they revisit the form using the same browser, our system automatically retrieves the saved information, ensuring they don’t have to start from scratch. This feature saves time and effort, allowing respondents to seamlessly pick up where they left off, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Imagine this scenario: You have a lengthy form with multiple pages that requires a substantial amount of information from your respondents. However, they might not have all the necessary details readily available. As they start filling out the form, they realize they need additional information to complete it. Faced with this hurdle, many respondents simply abandon the form, intending to return once they have gathered all the required information.

Now, with the invaluable feature of Autosave Progress for All Respondents enabled, your respondents will experience enhanced convenience. If they return to your form within 15 days using the same browser, our system will automatically retrieve the information they have already provided.

Behind the scenes, whenever respondents begin completing a form, we store the information they provide directly in their web browser for a duration of 15 days. It’s essential to note that this option exclusively impacts respondents. As the form creator, you won’t have access to their partial responses since the data is stored solely in the respondents’ browser. This ensures their privacy and keeps their responses secure.

Our new feature, Autosave progress for all respondents, is placed in the Advanced area, based on an ON/OFF toggle. By default, this feature is turned on, but form creators have the option to change it manually.

When Autosave progress is enabled, a banner is displayed in the Publish section to notify form creators that Autosave progress is active. The banner also provides information that the settings can be modified from the Advanced settings.

For privacy reasons, particularly in relation to HIPAA accounts, the Autosave progress feature is set to default OFF for Enterprise users.

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