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Increase your response rates and optimize your marketing strategy and lead generation efforts with 123FormBuilder’s form analytics tool. Evaluate data, refine answers, observe consumer behavior, and increase your conversion rate. 123FormBuilder is the only tool you need to understand your client’s needs and wants.

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Get useful insights for your online forms

Form analytics is essential for your lead generation efforts when using web forms to gather user data on your website or app. Improve your forms’ usability by wielding 123FormBuilder‘s form analytics technologies to boost conversions.

Users interested in knowing more about their 123 form’s performance can go to the 123FormBuilder interface to see: how many people viewed their forms, how many made a submission, their submission rates, and the average time to complete the form.

The Insights metadata section offers access to more specific information, including device, location, and referrer stats for form view and submission, submission rates, and location and referrer insights on the average time needed to complete the form.

Identify the most effective forms for converting responders into leads by tracking form performance. The information from form analytics tools can be used to optimize forms, streamline the lead generation process and increase the number of leads generated.

Visualize form submission data

123FormBuilder form analytics can take a more visual shape, making it easier for users to analyze and interpret insights to identify trends and patterns. It becomes much easier to see submissions and response rates in a pie chart or bar chart. Users can then focus more on perfecting an online form to collect data and improve lead-gen efforts.

Additionally, form analytics charts can provide a much quicker and easier way to compare contact form analytics from different forms, enabling businesses to quickly identify which online form elements to work on and which are the most effective in generating leads.

Overall, visual representations of free online form analytics can save time and provide valuable insights that help businesses optimize their lead-generation efforts and drive more sales. After analyzing customer responses to highlight crucial differences in your business, adjustments can be made to the form.

Download form analytics and statistics

Users dealing with large quantities of data may find downloading form analytics in PDF format beneficial. This format allows for easy data access and analysis in a clear and organized manner in a portable, cross-platform solution, ensuring that users can view and edit information on various devices.

123FormBuilder’s web form analytics feature includes the option of downloading online form insights data in PDF format. The resulting files can be secured with password protection to ensure confidentiality.

Marketing teams may want access to form analytics anytime to change their lead generation strategies on the go. Being able to download the information in PDF form proves extremely helpful in this case. It can be easily shared, making it an ideal choice for team collaboration or presentations.

Templates you can start with

Our platform provides form templates ready for customization with brand elements, conditional logic and question branching.

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Insights section form stats

Data to help you understand how people interact with your form.


Check the number of views your form has on different devices, the form views for each referrer, and from which loc the form views come


See percentages for each type of referrer, device, and location highlighted on the map chart from which submissions came.

Submission rate

Visual representation with percentages for the devices used to submit forms, the locations, and the types of referrers they came from.

Avg. time to complete

The stat considers device, location, and referrer submission data to calculate the average duration for form completion.

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How to access 123FormBuilder form analytics

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Build a form and publish it to start receiving submissions from respondents.

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Go to the Results section to see your online form performance analytics.

Sign-up to 123FormBuilder and start using form analytics to improve form performance.