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Top 10 Nonprofit Event Management Software

Event organization is an intrinsic part of nonprofits’ activities. It helps raise funds, engage supporters, and promote awareness for their causes. Effective event management requires robust tools to handle various tasks such as registration, ticketing, communication, and reporting. 

With many options to choose from, the process of selecting the right software can be overwhelming. Here, we have outlined ten nonprofit event management software solutions that can simplify your event planning process and help you reach your organizational goals.


Eventbrite has an easy-to-use interface and a robust set of features, making it one of the most popular choices for nonprofit event management software seekers. Users can create, promote, and sell tickets for events. Using such a solution simplifies the management process of events of any scale. 

With Eventbrite, you get customizable event pages that allow you to create visually appealing pages easily. You can also flexibly manage ticket sales and registrations and promote events through email campaigns and social media integration.

For free events, you can use Eventbrite for free. When your nonprofit hosts a paid event, the pricing will be based on ticket sales. Of course, the event management software that is nonprofit-friendly offers discounts to NPOs


This rich event management platform has extensive features and scalability, catering to large nonprofits with complex event needs. It helps organizations plan, manage, and execute events of all sizes. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for event planning, registration, venue sourcing, attendee management, and more.

Cvent allows businesses to:

  • customize registration forms and workflows,
  • use email marketing and social media promotion tools,
  • streamline check-in processes with mobile apps and kiosks,
  • engage attendees with mobile event apps and interactive features.

Cvent’s pricing is custom and based on the specific needs of the organization. Nonprofits can contact Cvent for a tailored quote.


This all-in-one nonprofit event management solution is designed to improve attendee engagement and simplify event logistics. It’s particularly popular for conferences, conventions, and community events.

Whether you’re managing event registrations or creating an awesome event agenda, Whova makes it simple and fun. With its dedicated event app, interactive polls, surveys, and live Q&A sessions, Whova makes attendee networking a breeze. Plus, it’s the perfect tool for managing sponsors and exhibitors.

Whova offers competitive pricing with specific packages for nonprofits. You can obtain a quote by contacting their sales team.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is an all-in-one membership management software that includes event management features. It is ideal for nonprofits with a membership base and those organizing recurring events.

You can create and manage event listings and registrations, manage members and due dates, and promote events using the built-in email marketing tools at your disposal. 

Moreover, Wild Apricot allows you to seamlessly integrate event listings with your website, and securely process payments for tickets and donations. 

Small nonprofits can use Wild Apricot for free, while everyone else can try a paid plan based on their number of available contacts. 

NPO assembly activity registration form
123FormBuilder NPO Assembly Activity Registration Form Example


DonorPerfect is comprehensive fundraising software with powerful event management capabilities. It’s ideal for nonprofits looking to integrate event management with their overall fundraising efforts.

Its central features include creating and managing event registrations using customizable forms and tracking donations and event-related income without issue. DonorPerfect includes communication tools that allow users to send targeted emails and event reminders to promote nonprofit events. 

This nonprofit event management software permits the coordination and tracking of volunteer activities for events, providing detailed reports ready to analyze event performance and fundraising impact. 

DonorPerfect’s pricing is based on the number of records and required features. Nonprofits can request a customized quote to meet their specific needs.

Salsa Labs

Salsa Labs provides a suite of tools for nonprofits, including event management, fundraising, and advocacy. The software is easy to use and presents enough features to become an effective nonprofit event management software.

With Salsa Labs, you can manage registrations and ticket sales, as well as automated email campaigns and social media promos. It integrates with fundraising tools that allow users to boost revenue and has its own CRM for extensive donor management. 

Plus, you can measure event success and ROI using the detailed analytics features. Price depends on the nonprofit’s needs.


Regpack is a registration software that simplifies the process of managing events, programs, and conferences. It has a user-friendly interface and is flexible. 

With Regpack, you can create customizable forms tailored to your needs and offer automated billing and payment options. The platform allows users to track and manage attendees and do email marketing personalization and reminders. 

It has real-time reporting abilities and analytics, plus pricing packs based on the number of attendees and the specific features required. 

Ticket Tailor

With Ticket Tailor, nonprofits can access a cost-effective ticketing platform that offers a simple and straightforward solution for managing event registrations and ticket sales. It is ideal for smaller nonprofits and community events.

Its key features include affordable pricing, customizable event pages, flexible ticketing options, and event promotion via email marketing and social media. Moreover, it connects with tools like Mailchimp and Google Analytics

Ticket Tailor charges a flat monthly fee with no per-ticket fees. Nonprofits can benefit from additional discounts and tailored packages.


Auctria specializes in auction management, making it perfect for nonprofits that host fundraising auctions and gala events. It provides comprehensive tools for both silent and live auctions. Let’s see some key features:

  • Auction management – manage silent and live auctions with ease.
  • Event registration – handle event registrations and ticket sales.
  • Donor management – track donations and donor information.
  • Mobile bidding – enable mobile bidding for increased participation.
  • Reporting – generate detailed reports to track auction performance.

Auctria offers tiered pricing based on the number of events and features required. Nonprofits can choose from various plans.


Of course, a form builder solution can serve as excellent nonprofit event management software, especially when it includes payment implementation. 123FormBuilder is that and more! You can use existing form templates or build your own to better represent the functionality you need. 

Using a form simplifies the donation process. You can track it with form insights and analytics, along with attendees, ticket sales, and email notifications for completed actions. 

Use this form builder as a nonprofit event management software to schedule events, track volunteer activity and donations, and promote events through email marketing.

You can start for free, and you have three paid options to choose from. Of course, nonprofit organizations enjoy 50% off plans. Larger organizations can even apply for a free* Platinum plan (*conditions apply).


Many things can impact the success of your nonprofit’s events. One of them is using an appropriate nonprofit event management software that takes care of your basic registration and ticketing needs or your more comprehensive requirements. Evaluate each option based on your organization’s specific requirements and budget to find the perfect fit for your event management needs.

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