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Streamlining Event Registrations | Refine Collective

In the realm of volunteer work, every minute counts, and for individuals like Ib Majekodunmi, the founder of Refine Collective, a technical professional committed to supporting minority-owned businesses & freelancers through an NGO, streamlined processes are crucial.

Working tirelessly in the evenings after her regular job, often without consistent assistance, Ib faced the challenge of efficiently organizing events that would promote businesses run by minorities. Here, we explore how 123FormBuilder became the key to simplifying her efforts, allowing her to handle a growing number of vendors and create successful fairs without overwhelming manual work.

The Challenge

Ib’s NGO focuses on supporting businesses owned by minorities, providing them with a platform to sell local products at organized fairs. Initially managing a modest number of vendors, Ib relied on a combination of free tools like Google Forms and email to handle registrations. However, as her events gained traction, the number of vendors increased significantly, creating a daunting manual workload for Ib and her occasional helper.

It was a big event, so I needed to streamline my process. 

I had a lot of work that needed to get done, so I was just trying to get it done fast. 

It just took more time to collect payments, separate from the information on the forms. So I wanted a way to do it (collect payments and information) together.

Why 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder emerged as the ideal solution to Ib’s evolving needs. Unlike Google Forms, 123FormBuilder allowed her to collect comprehensive information in a single form: vendor details, product images, and even payments. This versatility proved essential for promoting events effectively and facilitating seamless vendor registration without the need for multiple tools.

Efficiency and Scalability

From initially managing just a few vendors, she now seamlessly coordinates approximately five times that number for each event. The platform’s efficiency enables her to handle more vendors using the same small team, removing the necessity for extra manpower. This scalability is especially important for her, given that she balances volunteer work in the evenings.

Key Features of 123FormBuilder

  • Comprehensive Data Collection

Ib Majekodunmi can gather all necessary information from vendors, including contact details, product images, and payment details, in a single form.

  • Image Upload Without Google Account

Unlike Google Forms, 123FormBuilder enables vendors to upload images without requiring a Google account, making it more accessible for all participants.

  • Payment Integration

123FormBuilder supports payment integrations, streamlining the collection process and allowing for secure transactions directly through the registration form.


Ib’s success story with 123FormBuilder illustrates the platform’s impact on empowering individuals to make a difference. By simplifying the event organization process, Ib Majekodunmi can effectively support minority businesses, creating opportunities for growth and success. 123FormBuilder stands out as a valuable tool, enabling volunteers to scale up their efforts, efficiently manage larger events, and contribute meaningfully to their respective causes.

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