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Facebook Forms for Event Registration

It is no hidden mystery that Facebook is the world’s largest social network. And because of its popularity, it is considered an opportunity for brands to leverage their social presence and think about new creative integrated campaigns and engagement strategies.

Although recent studies have shown a drop in teenagers’ use of the platform, it still has the biggest number of active users compared to any other social media network. As such, the marketing efforts towards this particular social network remain a justified and beneficial strategy for a brand.

Correlating the use of forms with any social platform will not only expand your reach but also boost your brand image. The many ways you can benefit from the use of the contact form for Facebook, we will discuss in an ample series of articles. So stay tuned, you might just find new ways to enhance your social media strategy.

The first subject from this series deals with event registrations and properly handling the events page. Since we discussed how to create an event registration form with 123FormBuilder, we’ll cut to the chase and talk about bringing it to Facebook. And there are several ways you can do this.

Using the 123FormBuilder Application for Facebook

123FormBuilder is a versatile drag-and-drop form creator and data management tool that allows individuals to create a variety of forms and surveys that blend in on any Facebook page by using its dedicated Facebook app integration.

If you enable the 123FormBuilder Application for Facebook to access your pages, you can import any form, survey or poll from your account into a tab on your Facebook page. These tabs can be edited from your Timeline, you can add them to your “Favorites”, and change their position, name, or appearance.

In order to do this, you have to go to the Publish section from your 123FormBuilder account, select Facebook from the menu and click on the link redirecting you to the Facebook application.

Web form for Facebook

After you enabled the application, simply select the form and the page where you want it to appear from a dropdown. And you’re ready, the new tab will appear on your Timeline under the name “Contact Us”.

You can edit this name directly from the Menu. Just click on the top right edit icon and select “Edit Settings” and add your custom tab name.

Now, your event registration form will appear on Facebook in the tab “Register to event”. You can choose the name that suits you best and even change the image that appears in the menu tab.

Forms in Facebook tabs

It is a great alternative to simply posting the registration on your Timeline and risk losing your fans’ attention. For instance, you can create a creative cover photo to attract the attention of your page visitors to the event registration form and allow them to sign up for the event directly on your Facebook page.

Also, keep in mind we offer multiple payment processor integrations so you can even collect the entrance fee directly. Here is how a possible attendee will view the registration form on your Facebook page.

Event registration form for Facebook

Web forms for dedicated Facebook event page

Facebook’s constant updates often bring us new opportunities to be more efficient in using their platform. If you recently created a new event on your Facebook page you noticed the new “Get Tickets” option.

Introduced as a new field on your event wall, it creates a direct link to an outside page where people can register for your event and pay for the ticket. Here you can perfectly integrate your event registration form.

So you will do the sign-up with no unnecessary extra step. It is placed at the top of the page, above the description, you cannot miss it.

Forms in Get Tickets

Both the above options are available only for Facebook pages, not for personal profiles. They are meant to help businesses better integrate the social network into their communication strategy.

So if you ever need to promote an event on Facebook, don’t hesitate to give them a try and see which suits you best, or even better, use them both at the same time.

The beauty of using 123FormBuilder is that no matter how many channels you publish the form, all the registrations arrive in your account and can be exported to several 3rd party apps like a number of powerful CRMs, file management systems, or even Google Drive to see the updates real-time in your Google account.

Using a registration form made with our form builder, not only will it offer ease of access for your attendees, but it will also help you in future emailing campaigns by providing a solid database of potential leads. So why not give it a try?

Don’t forget to follow our blog to see the entire series coming up about the use of web forms on Facebook or just like our Facebook page and see all the fun updates we have prepared.


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