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Back To School Forms For K-12 And Upper Education Use

I don’t know about how you roll in your neighborhood, but here it starts to smell like fall. And, as we all know it, fall in the Northern Hemisphere means the start of a new school year. While the actual date when students return to the classroom may vary depending on the local regulations, the intense school preparation times engage teachers, parents, and children alike from the middle of August to the middle of September.

While preparations may be different for students and teachers, both of them need to determine their necessities for the upcoming school year. While students shop for supplies and stock up on their materials, teachers go over their teaching strategy and evaluate the tools they use for class activities and school administration tasks.

Web forms are a strong asset for both educational and administrative use, and some of their advantages include the following:
– being able to build the specific type of form you need, with the specific fields you need
– choosing third party integrations like Google Drive to link your forms to, add functionality and save some time in data processing and data management
– customizing your forms from a visual point of view, which is known to be very enticing for students
– creating interactive media for your students, so that you keep them engaged.

To help teachers organize their use of web forms, no matter if they are active in the K-12 or in the upper education field, we’ve compiled a list of back-to-school forms. Some of them are aimed to be used at the beginning of the school year. Others can be used all throughout the duration of the school year. Feel free to browse through, mark your favorites, and complete the list with other suggestions.

Web Forms For School Year Start

Each new school year comes with specific formalities, like asking for student information, updating student records, and setting expectations and goals. Thus, the types of forms one might use at the beginning of the school year include the following:

Beginning of the year student questionnaire – use it to find out students’ expectations and goals regarding specific course content, teaching methods, teachers, or the overall school experience.
Student information form – this type of form can contain all necessary fields for gathering vital information from your students. This can be a previous educational experience, whom to contact in case of emergency, special needs, medical information, clothes size for school uniforms, and others. Use this type of form to initially gather or update the information about a student.
Course registration form – for building your course audience and having a proper overview of it.
Membership application form – students can use it to apply to being a member of a specific club, like the book club, or a sports team.
Scholarship application form – if your school is offering scholarships, then this form lets students apply for them in an easy way.

Online Forms for Class Activities

As a teacher, you can use online forms like modern, interactive educational tools to keep your students engaged:
Online quiz – build quizzes with various questions relating to general or more specific topics.
Student quiz – you can build a quiz that consists only of visual choices if you prefer.
Trivia quiz  – quizzes are perfect for assessing your students’ knowledge after a given lesson or teaching chapter.
Cornell notes – for taking notes in a streamlined way, allowing you to add ideas and summarize the key takeaways.

Web Forms For Class And School Administration

Being a teacher means handling tasks that are not only educational but also administrative in nature. Tackle them with ease using forms like:
Online grade book – it helps keep track of your student’s grades and progress in a neat and organized way
Trip/activity registration forms – use these whenever you wish to organize a trip or an extracurricular activity for your students, where you need to have a clear participants list.
– The Volunteer recruitment form comes in helpful when you need to gather volunteers for a good cause.
Uniform or supplies order form – an online order form is handy for the case in which you as a teacher, your students, or other school personnel have to order or to notify someone of the need of ordering certain supplies or school uniforms.
Feedback forms – help you gather valuable feedback on your teaching strategy, the course content or any other topic you choose to ask your students about.
A course evaluation form is more appropriate to be filled in at the end of the semester, although you can operate with it any time.
– A team evaluation form can help you gain an insight into how your students work within a team and how they perceive this experience.
– A training evaluation form can be a proper way of getting feedback on the training you held.

Forms For Parents

Web forms can be used for communicating with parents more easily. The most common type of forms in this category are:
– The parental consent form for whenever parents or tutors need to express their approval for the student to leave on a trip, for example.
– A basic contact form can be a perfect way for parents to get in touch with teachers, in order to tell them something, ask about something, or clarify an issue.

education pencilOnline Surveys For Schools

Teachers can give online surveys to their students if they want to get to know their opinion on a given matter. These surveys can be kept anonymously or can include student information fields, depending on the topic the survey is based on, and on its goal. Examples of surveys are:
– The bullying survey for finding out more about bullying cases.
– The school climate survey to get a feel of the school climate.
– A survey concerning a trip destination, school facilities, and new project directions.
– A career interest survey if you want to help your students find their dream job.

 We hope this list helps you plan and organize your use of online tools for educational purposes. If you need help with any of the forms, you can always reach out to us here or at or sign up and use our free online form builder.

Have a great new school year!

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