123FormBuilder Ebook: The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation Forms

You can download the 123FormBuilder lead generation ebook in for free.

123FormBuilder ebookLead generation is like a center filled hard candy: delicious at core, but pains taking to get through. As we are living in the web form world here at 123FormBuilder, we wrote a lot on lead generation and spoke some about this at the conferences we attended as well as in face-to-face dialogues with our users. Today, we felt that we could do some more to shed light on this topical matter, so we compiled the essentials of our know-how around lead gen forms into the first 123FormBuilder ebook: “The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation Forms”.

If you don’t know where to look for leads, or just wondering how you can upgrade your lead collection techniques, have no fear. Our guide is going to untangle the threads. The 123FormBuilder ebook that we are handing you is the 101 of lead generation forms in a nutshell. Come, fill in your basket! (Did I mention it’s free?)

Why is online lead generation so important after all?

It’s the season of harvest, people – and by this I mean not only summer, but every single day in the life of your business. Whether you are a freelancer looking for gigs, a HR in the quest for the proper candidate to match, or an online retailer in need to boost sales, lead generation forms are the way to catch all the butterflies in your net (just to keep the summer-y state of mind).

Lead generation is basically the job of attracting people who are interested in your services, and to gather their contact details so that you can start a mutually beneficial dialogue with them. This should be easy for everybody – but apparently it’s not, as shown in this study. Whether you get stuck with the wrong tools, or you’re just using a softer or harsher approach than your customers would be “calibrated” to see, it’s always a challenge to adjust your means to your scope and reach the highest effectiveness in lead generation.

When you are on your road to success, details do matter. Maybe you wouldn’t have thought that a particular color or slogan can have so much impact upon your leads and sales, but it often does – and don’t just take our word for it. This ebook comes packed with facts and stats that will show you how it’s best to optimize your lead gen tools.

Lead generation forms explained

Did you know that every lead generation tool, app or website ultimately relies upon a form of some sort? Unless you are going to take a notebook with you everywhere and jot down people’s contact details, you will need a lead gen form to do the hard work of collecting all the data and storing it safely for your use.

And as you create that form with the intention for it to be clicked and filled in, why not give it a couple of minutes to adjust the looks and message? If you did this, you already prepared yourself an A class lead generation tool, ready to be used for your business.

The 123FormBuilder ebook will show you how to create and customize the most popular types of lead generation forms. Moreover, you will learn some top techniques to put those forms at work for your own benefit.

What to do with this Ebook?

This, my friends, is the question! You can download the 123FormBuilder lead generation ebook in for free. You can either keep it for your own personal use. Or you can share it with your friends, which we would love. Find the 123FormBuilder ebook on Google Play and Scribd, or claim your copy right from our stache by clicking the button below.

Take your Kindles or whatever device you might want to use for reading and… Enjoy!

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