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Transforming Non-Profit Operations: Great Jobs KC Case Study with 123FormBuilder

A non-profit organization that provides college scholarships and tuition-free job training programs for job placement showcases the transformative power of leveraging the right digital tools – notably, 123FormBuilder, integrated with Salesforce

This case study delves into Great Jobs KC’s progression from the initial setup to attaining operational autonomy and effectiveness, highlighting the advantages of embracing 123FormBuilder to accommodate their growing requirements.

Streamlining Applications and Boosting Engagement

With a noble mission to support students and adults through scholarships for 21 partnered schools and to assist individuals in obtaining certifications leading to employment, Great Jobs KC faced significant operational challenges. They needed a solution to efficiently manage a growing number of applications for scholarship applicants and those interested in job training.

…123FormBuilder has been instrumental in the success of our organization. Its platform has enabled us to connect our programs with our community, providing opportunities for individuals to transform their lives.

123FormBuilder has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence and support. Their team, including our dedicated Account Manager, has always been available to lend a helping hand, providing timely updates, resolutions, and valuable insights to enhance our use of the platform. Their proactive approach ensures that we never go a day without the support we need to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

We are immensely grateful to have chosen 123FormBuilder to manage such a crucial aspect of our work here at Great Jobs KC. Their partnership has truly been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing to grow and succeed together.

Moreover, the organization aimed to minimize repetitive data entry for applicants and maintain strong engagement with Scholars and staff through regular surveys. The team needed to ensure they could seamlessly integrate all collected data into Salesforce.

The Solution: Implementing 123FormBuilder with Salesforce Integration

The journey began with the assistance of Dupont Circle Solutions, a Salesforce implementation partner, who initially set up the organization’s forms using 123FormBuilder. This partnership marked the initial empowerment of Great Jobs KC with the essential tools for success. With time, the organization’s team mastered independent form building and management, showcasing the user-friendly interface and versatile functionalities of 123FormBuilder.

Great Jobs KC currently relies on several key features, which include:

  • Application Forms: These forms serve as the cornerstone of their operation, streamlining the application process for scholarships and job training programs.
  • Surveys: Considered essential for maintaining engagement, surveys enable the organization to stay connected with Scholars and staff, gathering valuable feedback and insights.
  • Salesforce Integration: A seamless data flow into Salesforce ensures that all applicant information and survey responses are centralized, thereby facilitating better tracking and decision-making processes.

The Outcome: Increased Efficiency and Expanded Capacity

The adoption of 123FormBuilder transformed the NPO’s operational capabilities. Initially purchasing a single-user license, the organization’s growth necessitated the addition of more licenses, eventually expanding to 10 users managing the platform. This scalability is a testament to 123FormBuilder’s flexibility and ability to meet the evolving needs of growing organizations.

Impact by the Numbers

  • Great Jobs KC now efficiently handles up to 9,500 monthly submissions, with the numbers steadily increasing.
  • The expanded user base within the platform enables better management and distribution of workload among team members.
  • Enhanced data management and analysis capabilities (thanks to the integration with Salesforce) allow for more targeted and effective support programs.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined Operations: Simplified form creation, management, and pre-fill options significantly reduced administrative burden and improved applicant experience.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The organization maintained a vital connection with its community through surveys and feedback mechanisms, facilitating continuous improvement.
  • Seamless Data Integration: The direct link to Salesforce ensured data accuracy and accessibility, enabling a holistic view of the organization’s impact and needs.
  • Scalable Solution: Adding more licenses as the organization grew allowed for a flexible and cost-effective scaling of operations.
  • Operational Independence: Learning to use 123FormBuilder independently empowered the organization to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities without needing constant external support.


For Great Jobs KC, 123FormBuilder has been more than just a tool for creating forms; it has been a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and deeper engagement with their community. By integrating technology with their mission-driven focus, they have set a benchmark for how NPOs can enhance operational efficiency and impact through digital transformation. This case study showcases the organization’s success and inspires others in the non-profit sector looking to leverage technology to further their missions.

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