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How to capture leads in Salesforce

Business growth hinges on effectively attracting new customers and deepening connections with current ones, with Salesforce lead capture playing a crucial role in this dynamic. This article focuses on the acquisition of new customers, a critical element for broadening the reach of your products or services.

A new customer is defined as someone who has only recently started using your offerings. Navigating the path to securing a new customer can be intricate for both the seller and buyer, especially with the plethora of inbound and outbound channels available today. However, regardless of the channel, the primary aim is uniform: converting potential customers into actual buyers, a process at which Salesforce lead capture excels.

Leads are prospects who have demonstrated interest in your products or services but have not yet decided to purchase. The early identification and engagement of these potential customers, a process known as Lead Generation, is crucial. Lead Management refers to the strategies and efforts employed to convert a lead into a paying customer.

Salesforce offers great tools to manage the pipeline, but it’s extremely important for the business to have a clear view of their customers’ journeys and define the process, customizing the Lead stages and sources. Once these are clear, the business can start capturing leads in Salesforce.

There are multiple ways of creating leads in Salesforce

  • Manually (but to be honest – who does this nowadays? I mean, yes – you need to manually create some some leads due to a new & un-addressed source, but this shouldn’t be the default way of feeding your Org with leads);
  • Import a list of leads (generated in another system or bought)
  • Generate leads from your website (using Web-to-Lead SF functionality or other tools like 123FormBuilder, Zapier, etc.)
  • Generate Leads from LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads;
  • others

Generate leads from your website

The Salesforce Web-to-Lead functionality allows you to automatically generate up to 500 leads per day with the prospecting data from your company’s website visitors (those who provide contact information). Here’s how to set this up:

  • Go to Salesforce Setup, enter Web-to-Lead in the Quick Find box, then select Web-to-Lead
  • Click Edit if you need to change the Web-to-Lead Settings
  • Otherwise – click Create Web-to-Lead Form to create a form that captures prospect details on your website
image showing web-to-lead setup in Salesforce
  • Select the fields to include on your Web-to-lead form;
  • Specify the URL to which users will be taken after submitting the Web-to-Lead form.
  • Enter the API key pair you got when you registered your site with Google if you enabled the option to include reCAPTCHA
  • Click Generate
  • Copy the generated HTML code and provide it to your company’s webmaster so they can incorporate it into your website.
  • Click Finished.

Generate leads from your website using 123FormBuilder

For enhanced form capabilities including fields, notifications, form analytics, and styling, as well as accommodating high daily submission volumes, an ideal solution is a form builder application that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, such as 123FormBuilder.

123FormBuilder enables the effortless creation of various forms, from lead generation to applications and surveys, through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. It offers a two-way integration with Salesforce, allowing for pre-population of form fields with Salesforce data and, upon submission, the creation or updating of records across multiple Salesforce objects. This ensures that you have complete control over which fields you use and how you map and transfer data to Salesforce.

3 Easy Steps to Capture Leads with 123FormBuilder

Step 1 – Build the form you need and set up notifications (if needed)

Step 2 – Configure Object mapping to create Leads in Salesforce

Step 3 – Get the embed code and publish the form on your website to start collecting Leads


In conclusion, capturing leads in Salesforce is a vital aspect of business growth, focusing on acquiring new customers and nurturing relationships. By understanding the journey from lead generation to conversion, businesses can optimize their processes and effectively manage their pipeline.

Utilizing tools like Salesforce Web-to-Lead functionality and integrations with platforms like 123FormBuilder streamlines the lead capture process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Whether generating leads from website visitors or leveraging advanced form building capabilities, businesses can enhance their sales funnel and drive growth.

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