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2022 Year in Review: The Updates You’ve Helped Us Launch in 2022

Here we are at the beginning of another year filled with hope and new plans for change. We aspire to be just as persevering and inspired in 2023, striving for new successes and milestones in all aspects of our product.

2022 was an excellent year for us here at 123FormBuilder. That is, in part, thanks to you, our users. It’s been a year full of challenges for all of us, but, together, we’ve accomplished much.

Looking back on our year gave us a chance to highlight all the improvements and releases we made to provide you with a smoother workflow. What do these updates mean for you? It’s time we take a stroll down memory lane to review them together and find out.

Revamped Form Editor

One of our biggest changes in 2022 was the form editor, which got a new look. And we couldn’t have done it without you. We took some time to chat with users to see what improvements we could make, and they came up with some exciting insights.

We learned that the form-building process could be simplified by grouping fields and form field settings in a new way. Now it’s easier to find the most popular fields straight at the top, on the left-side menu. And if there’s something you need but can’t find, you can always use the optimally-positioned search bar. Read more about it here.


Insights launched in July, while another feature update took place close to the end of 2022. We added this new feature so that you can benefit from an easier way to see how your forms perform.

You can find your Insights in the Results section of your form. There, you can see how many views and submissions your form has, its submission rate, and how much time responders need to complete it. The minimalist header simplifies moving between various charts and graphs.

Moreover, you can now check the form’s statistics (submission rate, views, average time to complete) as charts or graphs. This visual aid facilitates quickly checking the form stats for a specific timeframe. Choose it by using the available data picker.

Save For Later Link

The Save for Later Link feature allows users to save their progress when filling out a form. They can access their incomplete form submission at a later date to continue filling that form. It also gives you insight into the status of your submissions. After a responder submits his form, the Save for Later link expires.

Intuitive Preview

It pays to know how your forms look before sending them out. In 2022, we’ve worked on making previews more accessible than ever before. We implemented the option of previewing your form on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Now it’s easier to see exactly how your forms look and feel on any device. You can make the changes you want when you’re not pleased with the first draft to get the best-looking online forms for your needs.

Image Choices

While working on our 2022 product updates, we studied how images enhance your online forms. We worked hard on allowing you to add images to each and any of your options on single or multiple-choice fields.

Your online forms are now more visually attractive and easier to handle on the back end. We eliminated the hassle of finding workarounds to stylistically-pleasant options. With just three clicks, you can edit your choices and upload images from your device to your online form.

Button-Like Choices

We helped you make your form choices pop more by adding button-like choices. When adding images to your single or multiple-choice fields isn’t your first option, you can try out our special buttons. They look good and keep your choices clickable.

The feature is readily available, so you can easily use it whenever you need it. Add or remove the button-like choices as you see fit from the left sidebar.

Main Section Integration Rearrangements

123FormBuilder’s Integrations changes include a more comprehensive overview and improved native app categories. You can find your preferred app integrations in the Most used, All, Email marketing, CRM, Data management, and Utilities and social categories.

We have big plans for 2023, and they include a significant facelift for this section. So stay tuned for future announcements!

Updates for Salesforce Users

2022 was a year with many updates for Salesforce users, too. We tried to streamline your workflows as much as possible and worked on improving quality-of-life features. Below you can read more about the essential changes that took place over the year.

A Salesforce Integration Button in the Submissions Section

It is much easier to quickly switch to and from the Salesforce integration and Submissions section. We added a Salesforce Integration button to give you quick access to the Object Mapping section.

Name Object Mapping Instances

Salesforce users may now name object mapping instances and associated items. The object mapping name has specific attributes (it is composed of an object and record type).

Duplicating Object Mapping Instances & Related Objects For Salesforce Users

We made some improvements to the object mapping duplication criterion. Salesforce users can now see their new object mapping instance and related object mapping instance at the end of the list, and they inherit the settings from the duplicated ones.

DKIM Signatures

We also added some security measures to ensure your online forms safely reach their destination and are opened by prospective responders. We added DKIM signatures to protect emails against forgery and spam.

DKIM signatures, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, are a type of digital signature you can now add to the emails you send with online forms. They increase anti-spam protection for the email sender and the recipient. Feel free to learn more about how to add DKIM signatures to email notifications sent through 123FormBuilder.

We’re on Google Marketplace!

We’re proud to report that we’ve been listed on Google Marketplace! We’re among the first form builder solutions to get there, and we’re really proud of it. We could even call it a milestone!

A Look Ahead and Final Thoughts

We’re really happy with the additions and improvements we’ve achieved in 2022. It has been a year of challenges and celebrations for all of us. And we have inspiring plans for 2023 as well!

This year, we’ll be adding a new Publish section to help with your endeavors. We will also continue to improve Insights with representations for devices, locations, and referrers. Of course, we’ll continue to support our users with updated integrations for their most appreciated apps …and more! You’ll have to stay with us to discover the rest!

We are very appreciative of all the feedback, experiences, and questions you’ve sent our way. They continue to guide us as we look for new methods to evolve and help you get things done. We can only hope you’ll continue to be part of our journey and enjoy the wonderful things we can accomplish together in 2023!

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