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A Year in Review: Key Upgrades and Releases from 123FormBuilder in 2023


As we wrap up this eventful year, December is a time for celebration and reflection on our achievements. We’ve successfully navigated through a year of innovation, introducing valuable features and enhancements to our platform. It’s also a time to express gratitude to our dedicated users who have been integral to our journey. 

This year has been marked by a commitment to innovation, reflected in product releases and improvements. Join us as we take a closer look at the key highlights from each month, showcasing our dedication to providing an exceptional SaaS experience.

January: My Forms Evolution

We kicked off the year with a major My Forms update, implementing folder information and introducing Jump to Folder functionality. This enhancement aimed to streamline the organization of forms, offering users an efficient way to manage their form portfolios. Additionally, we introduced an estimated time to complete the form feature, providing transparency to users and respondents alike.

February: Perfecting the Payment Flow

In February, we dedicated our efforts to perfecting the payment flow, resulting in substantial enhancements that have made transactions even smoother and more user-friendly. Our commitment to excellence didn’t stop there—we also focused on refining the integrations section. The integrations section revamp ensures seamless connectivity with third-party tools, elevating the overall efficiency of the platform.

Furthermore, as part of our ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional user experience, we introduced notable improvements to the preview section. Now, users can enjoy an enhanced tablet view and optimized portrait and landscape modes for mobile devices. These advancements showcase our dedication to user satisfaction and demonstrate our constant pursuit of refining and perfecting every aspect of our platform.

March: Unveiling Insights Metadata

We launched Insights metadata in March, unveiling the Device, Location, and Referrer card. This release allowed form creators unprecedented access to critical information for Views, Submissions, Submission rate, and Average time to complete. These insights were made available across all forms, users, and platforms.

April: Empowering Platinum Users

The introduction of the Product field in April marked a significant milestone for our Platinum and higher plan users, unlocking a powerful e-commerce capability within 123FormBuilder. This dedicated feature was designed to empower users to seamlessly sell products and services directly through their forms, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for online transactions.

May: Enhanced Form Builder Layout

Our commitment to an intuitive user experience continued in May with a new Editor Navigation Interface. This more user-friendly layout allowed form builders to easily access the tools and features necessary to create dynamic forms. Additionally, we released new stats in Insights, focusing on Users and Abandons.

June: Streamlining Google Analytics Integration

In June, we implemented updates to the Google Analytics 4 flow, simplifying the process of adding and removing GA4 measurement IDs. Additionally, we introduced Extra collected events for a more comprehensive analytics experience. Another user-friendly enhancement was the release of Save Respondent’s Progress Automatically, enabling seamless form completion up to 15 days. If respondents begin filling in a form but do not submit it, their answers are stored in their web browser, allowing them to resume and complete the form at their convenience. This feature ensures flexibility and a user-centric experience.

July & August: Data Privacy and Custom Domains

Google Sheets received its first update in July, enhancing the overall integration. August saw the introduction of the GDPR field, emphasizing our dedication to data privacy and transparency. Users could now include a GDPR agreement checkbox in their forms, ensuring compliance with regulations.

September: Salesforce Mastery

September brought massive improvements to Salesforce integration, the Fields insights section launch, and the Custom domain automation introduction. Users could now automatically set up custom domains for their forms by providing their domain names, enhancing branding and accessibility.

October: Enhanced Form Management

In October, we released the Schedule section, providing users with enhanced control over the status of their forms. With the new Schedule section, users gained the ability to set start and end dates, creating a more organized and time-sensitive approach to form deployment.

November: Introducing the Date Picker Field

As the year ended, we introduced the Date Picker field under Essentials, enriching the form-building toolkit. This field allows users to gather data information from respondents, enhancing form interactivity.

December: Expanding Templates and Enhancing Structure 

Firstly, recognizing the diverse needs of our users, we’ve significantly expanded our template library. Our dedicated team has meticulously curated and introduced over 1200 new templates into the 123FormBuilder app. Whether you’re creating surveys, registration forms, or feedback questionnaires, these new templates cater to a wide range of requirements, providing you with a rich array of starting points to kickstart your form-building process.

But that’s not all – we understand that form structure is crucial to an efficient and user-friendly experience. That’s why we’ve introduced a dynamic feature allowing users to effortlessly add a new page to their forms. This can be achieved seamlessly using a dedicated button in the stage editor. This innovative addition ensures that the form-building process becomes more intuitive, flexible, and adaptive to your evolving content organization needs.

Furthermore, we’ve empowered users with direct access to the forms page settings area. Now, you can easily edit and name your pages, providing a straightforward way to customize the structure of your forms.

Consistent Salesforce Improvements

We rolled out significant Salesforce improvements for three consecutive months, focusing on prefill options, data import, and picklist enhancements, reinforcing our commitment to providing a robust Salesforce integration.

We have extended our focus to enhance the user experience even further. Our team has diligently worked on expanding the template library, introducing over 1200 new templates into the 123FormBuilder app that cater to various needs. 

The past year has been a journey of innovation and enhancement for 123FormBuilder, and each month brought forth new features and improvements, reflecting our dedication to providing a powerful and user-centric SaaS platform. As we step into a new year, the spirit of innovation remains at the forefront, promising even more exciting developments for our users. Here’s to a year of growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement!


In conclusion, we express our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of the 123FormBuilder community. We wish you all a joyous holiday season filled with warmth and happiness. Here’s to the promise of a new year—2024—a year of growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Cheers to what lies ahead, and we can’t wait to share more incredible moments with you in the coming year!

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