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How to create appointment slots in Google Calendar

Google Calendar’s appointment scheduling feature streamlines meeting and appointment organization, making it effortless to manage your schedule.

How to create appointment slots in the appointment schedule

Firstly, access Google Calendar and sign in using your Google Workspace credentials, whether it’s an individual or company account. Click on the +Create dropdown menu located in the top left corner.

Select the “Appointment schedule” from the Create dropdown.

After logging in, you’ll view your Google Calendar and find options to set rules for appointments. This differs from the traditional calendar scheduling method used in appointment slots. Let’s review the editable elements to manage your schedule effectively.

image showing how to create appointment slots in Google Calendar

Let’s see what the following options do:

  1. Bookable appointment schedule: Name your appointment schedule. This label will appear on your booking page and Google Calendar after booking appointments.
  2. Appointment Duration: Set the length of appointment slots for your entire schedule.
  3. General Availability: Select the days and times you’re available for appointments, including breaks and project work.
  4. Scheduling Window: Decide how far in advance people can book appointments and the minimum time before appointments.
  5. Adjusted Availability: Fine-tune your schedule for specific dates, like for personal appointments.
  6. Booked Appointment Settings: Schedule breaks between sessions and set limits on the number of appointments per day.

Once set, proceed to edit the sharing settings for your appointment schedule.

After clicking “Save,” a pop-up will appear showing a summary of your schedule on the main calendar page. Sharing your schedule is simple, with customizable options for sending appointment invitations. You can set the appointment location and include a straightforward form for booking requests. Additionally, configure appointment reminders to reduce the likelihood of no-shows.

How to schedule appointments with 123FormBuilder

With 123FormBuilder, you can easily schedule appointments by creating custom forms tailored to your specific requirements. Use our intuitive form builder to design appointment forms that capture all necessary information from clients or participants. With seamless integration with Google Calendar, scheduling appointments becomes even more convenient, ensuring that your appointments are automatically synchronized with your calendar for efficient time management.

All you need to do is map the fields to the ones in your form and click Save. It is as simple as 1-2-3! 

In conclusion, Google Calendar’s appointment scheduling feature offers a seamless solution for organizing meetings and appointments. Additionally, with 123FormBuilder, you have access to free customizable templates and direct integration with Google Calendar for added convenience.

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