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Optimizing Internal and External Processes with Liberty Pumps and 123FormBuilder

The need for automation leads many businesses to try out new products and services. Such is the case of Liberty Pumps, a prominent manufacturing company that wanted to streamline its internal processes and enhance customer interactions using online forms. 

This case study delves into how Liberty Pumps leveraged 123FormBuilder’s services to optimize their operations and foster productive collaborations.

Client Background

Liberty Pumps is renowned for its high-quality pumps and innovative solutions in the manufacturing industry. This leading U.S. manufacturer is known for its pumping products for groundwater and wastewater removal in residential and commercial applications. 

This family- and employee-owned company produces over 90% of its products in the U.S.A. and uses components sourced in the U.S. and globally. 

Liberty Pumps is committed to providing excellent service. That is why it is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and make sure customers are satisfied with products and services

In May 2020, the company partnered with 123FormBuilder, a leading provider of online form solutions, to address their various form requirements. 

The Need for Automation and its Challenges

Before engaging with 123FormBuilder, Liberty Pumps faced challenges in managing various forms, both internally and externally. 

They struggled with cumbersome processes for tasks like internal shirt orders and external product issue reporting. 

These inefficiencies limited their ability to respond promptly to internal needs and customer concerns. This impacted overall productivity and satisfaction levels.

123FormBuilder – The Perfect Solution

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive form solution, Liberty Pumps turned to 123FormBuilder. 

By taking advantage of 123FormBuilder’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, Liberty Pumps was able to seamlessly shift its form management procedures to the new platform.

The organization implemented a wide range of forms to cater to its diverse needs. These forms served various purposes, such as: 

  • Internal resource requisitions
  • Gathering valuable feedback from customers
  • Reporting issues related to its products

Partnership Improvements and Results

The partnership between Liberty Pumps and 123FormBuilder yielded significant results:

Streamlined Operations—The company digitized its form processes and achieved operations efficiency, reducing manual efforts and mitigating errors. Internal shirt orders and product issue reports now follow a structured, automated workflow. This optimized process ensures a quick and error-free solution to every problem.

Enhanced Collaboration—Liberty Pumps found in 123FormBuilder a reliable partner towards operational excellence. The platform fostered seamless collaboration between departments, enabling efficient data sharing and cross-functional communication.

Improved Customer Experience—The brand improved the overall customer experience with faster response times and smoother processes. External stakeholders, including clients and vendors, appreciated the company’s responsiveness and commitment to resolving issues promptly.

Product Initiatives—Liberty Pumps expressed willingness to participate in product initiatives, highlighting their satisfaction with 123FormBuilder’s services. Their feedback and engagement contribute to the continuous improvement of the platform. It ensures that the product meets the evolving needs of enterprise clients like Liberty Pumps.

123FormBuilder has been an invaluable tool for our business, providing us with a versatile platform for a variety of purposes. Whether creating customer surveys, event registrations, or contact forms, this tool is incredibly easy to use and offers the flexibility we need.

The customer service team at 123FormBuilder has been exceptional, always ready to assist us with any questions or issues we encounter. Their support has been instrumental in helping us make the most of the tool’s capabilities.

Overall, 123FormBuilder has significantly improved our workflow and efficiency, and we highly recommend it to any business looking for a reliable form-building solution.

Laurie Pfaff, Senior Manager of Marketing Support


The partnership between Liberty Pumps and 123FormBuilder has proven to be mutually beneficial. 

The company chose 123FormBuilder’s advanced form solution to overcome operational challenges, streamline processes, and improve customer interactions. The right collaboration with innovative partners allows companies to increase efficiency and achieve their goals. 

The right technology partners such as 123FormBuilder, can pave the way for success. Liberty Pumps is a great example of the transformative power of strategic partnerships and forward-thinking solutions.

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