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Enhancing Non-Profit Fundraising with 123FormBuilder

A renowned non-profit organization dedicated to exceptional care sought to optimize its fundraising efforts. Facing challenges with form processes and integration, they turned to 123FormBuilder for a solution.

Problem Statement

The organization acknowledged the necessity to enhance their form processes, particularly for their foundation’s fundraising efforts. The previous system demanded developer involvement for form creation and did not offer integration with Salesforce. Facing an increasing volume of forms and submissions, they sought a solution that would enable their staff to independently manage forms while maintaining data integrity and security.


The non-profit organization sought a solution to streamline form management and enhance data security within their operations. The search led them to 123FormBuilder, a robust platform that addressed their needs in multiple facets:

  • Ease of Use: 123FormBuilder’s intuitive interface empowered non-technical staff to effortlessly create and manage forms, eliminating the need for developer intervention.
  • Seamless Salesforce Integration: The platform seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, enabling automatic synchronization of form data with the organization’s CRM system. This integration enhanced record-keeping and lead generation capabilities.
  • Enhanced Email Security with DKIM: 123FormBuilder supported the implementation of DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), bolstering the security of email notifications triggered by form submissions. This feature provided an additional layer of protection for sensitive information.

By leveraging these features, the organization successfully optimized their form processes and improved data security within their operations.

image showing a donation form with payment integration created with 123formbuilder
PayPal Donation Form


Upon adoption, the organization swiftly integrated 123FormBuilder into their workflows. They migrated consent forms and created new forms, expanding their reach and impact. A Christmas campaign garnered significant engagement, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness.


Since implementation, the organization has experienced efficiency gains and increased engagement. With over 100 forms in use and growing submissions, the platform has supported their fundraising efforts and improved stakeholder communication.

NPO guide for forms with salesforce integration


By embracing 123FormBuilder, the NPO has transformed its form processes, enhancing efficiency and engagement. Empowering staff members and integrating with Salesforce has elevated their fundraising initiatives and strengthened connections with stakeholders. As they continue to innovate, 123FormBuilder remains an invaluable ally in their mission.

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