A Christmas letter to every 123FormBuilder’ist


by 123FormBuilder

Dear all,

This is an atypical letter we would like to send you this holiday season. As we look back upon the year that is soon to end, we cannot help but feel so freakin’ grateful for everything that we have and are – as well as for having you read this post right now.

It is to be said: whether you’re a 123FormBuilder user, one of our partners or a member in the 123FormBuilder team, you are a 123FormBuilder’ist. You are welcome to take your new status outside, brag a little about it, paint it on a T-shirt. Because there’s this one thing that unites us all, anywhere in the world we may be; and it’s not lightly said. You can be sure that the person writing this article is treasuring this little thing in her jewelry box.

We’ve met each other.

Just think about it. If you are a 123FormBuilder user, chances are that we’ve spoken at least once by e-mail or live chat, and seen each other’s names on the screen. Our partners know as well as we do that each collaboration with them takes shape through a series of e-mails, phone talks and in-person meetings that often span an entire year (yes, we are serial communicators!). My colleagues in the 123FormBuilder team and me share countless hours of polishing a feature or a page, hundreds to thousands of coffee cups made by Vlad (kudos to him!), secret Santa gifts and the priceless smiles that we can see not only in movies, but also in the day to day life at the office.

This is who we, 123FormBuilder’ists, are. We’re obsessed with the details that make a project perfect. We’re childishly stubborn at times. We know that “it’s the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important”, as the Little Prince said.

So we’ve met. This is a beat that goes beyond timezones, or language preferences, or projects. You’ve seen us work and you liked what we did. You’ve given us the trust to tie our name to your business. We are a team that makes it all possible day by day. I met the love of my life in this team. It’s a mix of emotions that make this gathering of 123FormBuilder’ists so special, and we’re all human so we’re not afraid to admit it.

To every 123FormBuilder’ist: thank you for being so. Part of our thoughts in this merry season go to you. May you have joyful holidays, full of warmth and inspiration for the year to come!

P. S.: Due to an extremely high load of mistletoe, until the 6st of January 2014 the majority of 123FormBuilder team will be out of office. We will keep some key personnel close, to handle urgent support tasks that may appear. Happy New Year to you all!

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