Form branching gets smarter! ‘Greater & Less than’ come to simplify your work

Form logic is one of the features that we’re improving constantly since it’s a real booster for the usability of your forms. First, there were the simple field rules that allowed you to show/hide one field based on the input from another field. Then, branching became available for autoresponders and redirects (confirmation rules and form rules). At the last update, we introduced complex conditional logic, which enabled you to use up to 10 conditions (connected through the operators and or or) for each rule.

Now, it’s time to work on effectiveness! We’re adding the operators greater than and less than to the form branching list. Great, so what!, you might think. Well, let’s take an example that will show exactly how useful these operators are in your forms.

Scenario: You’re holding a photo contest where participants can upload from 1 to 10 photos. You want to display the appropriate number of upload fields, depending on how many photos contestants say they want to upload.

Problem: The number of upload fields that you need to include in your form is much higher than 10. Because rules involving one of the upload fields are overwritten by subsequent rules involving the same field. You’d have to add 55 upload fields to your form and set up 55 field rules. A bit too much, right?

Simple field rules

Solution: Today’s update – the operators greater than and less than! In this particular case, you’ll be needing only greater than. Using it, 10 fields and 10 rules are enough to build the functionality needed for this scenario. The image below shows the first three field rules. Set up the next ones in the exact same way.

Operator greater than

Other use case scenarios besides the photo contests:

  • How many persons will be joining you at the event? → Show the correct number of Name fields.
  • How many cards do you want to order? → Show the correct number of Text Areas for custom messages.
  • How many URLs would you like to submit for review? → Show the correct number of Website fields.

See how to enable conditional logic with greater/less than.

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