Get Inspired: Best 20 Resource Blogs for Small Businesses (2)


by 123FormBuilder

As we have promised, here is part two of our small business blogs collection. Of course, the split is meant purely to make reading easier. All of these blogs are valuable resource pools, each on its field. We highly recommend checking them out!

    1. Wise Bread

Feed your appetite for frugality with the help of Wise Bread team. You will find surprising life hacks and tips on how to grow your business on a tight budget.


This Envato blog brings professional looks and a daily supply of trustful insights for freelancers. Latest posts include creating value for your clients and billing.

    1. New York Times Small Business Blog

The small business section of NY Times is constantly updated with news about social, tech and business trends that have an impact over small and medium-sized enterprises. We recommend this as a source of professional debates and insights on topical matters.

    1. Open Forum

Don’t let the name and ownership of this blog (American Express) keep you away from the content. They deliver objective information that’s both instructive and entertaining.


This is a trustworthy source of knowledge on starting a business for everyone, not just Great Britain inhabitants. The News section of this blog is the only one strictly related to United Kingdom, while resource articles are universal. Learn how to open your own business in various industries and how others have succeeded.

    1. Biz Finance

Statistics, reports and facts. This is what Biz Finance is made of. Every article links to further resources in the field, so you can dissect topics on all sides. Great work.

    1. CBS News

If you don’t have the time to watch broadcasts of CBS TV, take a glimpse on the MoneyWatch section of their website. It lists the main headlines of the day along with commentary and charts, so you can get the big picture out of any topic.

    1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

No empty motivational phrases. On this blog you will really get inspired on how to boost your income and get your business at the peak of success, all through real-life examples and case studies.

    1. Daily Finance

Saving, Spending, Investing and Planning. These are among the main sections of Daily Finance, an AOL blog that features relevant news for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    1. Top Rank Blog

Learn about a key side of any business with online presence – SEO and internet marketing. The team at Top Rank Online Marketing Blog delivers great crafted articles on best practices that anyone can implement in the benefit of his own business.

What other places do you visit for your daily dose of knowledge? Share your thoughts below!

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