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Some time ago, we were talking about how beautifully 123FormBuilder integrates with Facebook and Twitter, to generate a maximum of exposure for your message. Now we’ll discuss another trio and see how to set it up – 123FormBuilder web forms with PayPal payment integration, published on WordPress.

[Update]: You can now use our dedicated CaptainForm plugin to create your WordPress order form within your dashboard. It comes with built-in payment gateways, including PayPal.

With WordPress order forms, you don’t need to get your hands dirty with any source code whatsoever, although the mechanism behind your order form is complex and highly secure. Read below the three easy steps required to post your order form on WordPress.

WordPress Order Form

1. Create your order form. To build your online order form, you can start from the 123FormBuilder order form template. Add and edit form fields, list the products/services that you offer and customize an order form theme. Keep in mind that, when listing your products, you can use radio buttons with images, to make the offer more attractive. Also, don’t forget to add your company logo to the order form theme.

2. Set up the payment integration. The most popular choice is the order form with PayPal payment integration, but you can also create Google Checkout order forms or Authorize.net order forms. To set up the payment integration for your form, visit your SettingsPayments section. Select the payment processor(s) that you want to use, assign prices to fields, create advanced calculation formulas, if you need to, and customize payment notifications. Tick Enable payments for this form when you’re done to activate the payment integration for your order form.

3. Post your PayPal order form on WordPress. To post your order form on WordPress, you need to install the 123FormBuilder plug-in for WordPress: download it, unzip it and move it to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory; then, in your WordPress dashboard, click on the Plugins tab and press Activate for the plugin named 123FormBuilder for WordPress. The contact form plugin for WordPress is now installed and you can choose one of two different ways to publish your PayPal order form on WordPress.

The first way to post your order form on WordPress is to visit your 123FormBuilder Get Code & Publish section, choose the WordPress publishing option, copy the code provided and paste it in your post. The other way of publishing your WordPress order form is by using an API Key generated by 123FormBuilder. After you paste this key in the WordPress interface (in the 123FormBuilder plugin customization lightbox), all the forms that you have in your 123FormBuilder account will be listed in the plugin lightbox and you simply need to choose the one that you want to post. Learn more about how to post your order form on WordPress.

UPDATE: Check out our brand new dedicated WordPress Form Builder plugin which adds extra simplicity to your form building process.

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  2. Laura says:

    The PayPal integration is available starting from the Platinum plan, which also offers SSL data encryption, to make sure your transfers are 100% safe. You also have a ton of other useful features as a Platinum user – this is why we call it our best deal!

  3. pirco says:

    does paypal integration require the platinum account or does it work with free account?

  4. Alexandra says:

    Thank you, Neil. And happy holidays!

  5. Neil Heird says:

    this new payment integration is excellent! you guys (And gals) are moving things long nicely! great job on deploying this powerful feature… just one more reason everyone should be using 123FormBuilder!

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