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Choice fields are valuable items within a form. With order form catalog entries, they showcase the offer completely and concisely. When addressing matters of preference or opinion, they help form users identify their own likes and thoughts. With factual data requests, like salary or age ranges, they speed up the fill-out process by stating clearly and exhaustively the possible choices.

The beauty of choice fields is sometimes affected by the fact that a logical sequence of options is not compatible with the perception of choices you want to inspire users with. Simply put, let’s say that you’ve got a dropdown list with eleven options: 0, 1, 2.. 10. You want to set number 5 as a default choice, in order either to emphasize it or to be neutral in presenting available choices. But, up to now, you couldn’t make 5 default unless you rearranged choice field options by placing 5 at top of list. The first option was the automatically preselected one.

Well, guess what! Now, you can deal with choice sequences and default values separately. Set up your choice list and then select, without affecting list order, the choice field default value. Our feature update applies to dropdown lists and radio buttons fields.

Dropdown List - Default Option

In dropdown lists, the option selected most frequently (or the identical or different middle choice) is usually the default value. The main advantage in using a dropdown list with default value is the fact that you’re making the task easier for users.

Radio Buttons - Default Option

Radio buttons with default values work very well with service plans. Preferred plans are emphasized graphically on web pages; the same principle can be applied to the radio buttons field of your subscription form.

To set a default value for your radio buttons field or dropdown list, click on it in the main view of your Form Editor to open its Edit Panel. Once you’ve typed the options in the Available Choices box, they are loaded in the dropdown list named Default Choice. When you add, change or remove and option, the Default Choice list is updated. Select the default value and view the result in your main view.


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