10 Most Common Support Questions


by 123FormBuilder

We love to stay close to our users and to provide you with all the information that you need in order to create awesome forms. Whatever it is that doesn’t work or that you are in doubt of, fill out our contact us form. Here is a list of the 10 most common questions that arrive in our support inbox.

1. I forgot my login data.
In this case, you need to send the data that you remember to us. If you’ve only forgot your password, give us the username. We’ll reset the password and get back to you. If it is both your username and your password that you can’t remember, then give us the URL to one of your forms. We’ll track the form ID and recover your login data.

2. I don’t receive submissions in my inbox.
There are two common causes for which you might not receive submissions. First, check the email address(es) listed in your SettingsNotification section for typos. Second, check your Spam and Trash folders. To make sure that emails do not arrive there, use the address noreply@123contacform.com for your Sender Email field (Customize Emails subsection). Also, check for any filters that may affect notification behavior in your inbox.

3. Characters are not displayed properly in my form.
This is because you need to select the appropriate form encoding. In your Form Editor, open the Layout panel at the top of your main view. Choose the encoding corresponding to your region. Remember that UTF-8 works best in most cases.

Form Encoding

4. Where can I publish my form?
You can publish your form on: your website, Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, Google Sites, IconoSites, Joomla websites, NetObjects websites. Also, you can link to your form on Twitter or send direct links via email or messenger.

5. I can’t publish a form on my Facebook page.
Watch our video tutorial on how to use the 123FormBuilder application for Facebook. You need to add the app to your Facebook page and then to create form / page associations. It normally works very smoothly. Remember that the top border of your form does not show up on Facebook, as your form is published in an iFrame designed to save space.

6. How to publish more forms on the same Facebook page?
You can publish up to five forms on the same Facebook page. We’ve got five identical – but separate – applications for Facebook. The applications need to be installed simultaneously on your Facebook page. For instance, if you want to publish two forms on your page, you will add the first application and the second one, then create a form / page association for each one of them.

7. I want to show calculations in my order form, but not to process payments.
A part of our users want to set up online order forms that show calculations to buyers, but don’t actually process payments. The orders are sent to vendors, who then manage them as they please. To do this, you simply need to type the address no-redirect@123formbuilder.com instead of your PayPal address, in the SettingsPayments section.

8. Will I get all complete submissions once I upgrade my account?
Yes, you will. Once you upgrade to a paid plan, all of your form submissions that exceeded the submissions limit will be available in the Submissions section, from where you can send them – in complete form – to your inbox, by using the Resend button.

9. Can I do this and that as a Free / Gold user?
To see what each plan offers, take a look at our Features Matrix.

Features Matrix

10. My account has been suspended. Why?
The most common reasons for account suspension are: a) The backlink to 123FormBuilder has been removed from forms created on the free plan. Solution: Add the link back to your form and let us know about it so we can update your account. b) The 100 submissions limit for free accounts has been exceeded constantly. Solution: Upgrade to the Gold plan. c) The form has been reported as an abuse. Solution: none, we hate abuse. Of course, if you believe that your form is not an abuse, tell us about it.

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