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Some 123FormBuilder users asked us how to put a contact form on the Facebook page. It seemed a simple task, but when it came to doing it, we saw that it is not that simple, as Facebook allows you to modify the page only using some Facebook applications. Of course, we managed to do it, and answer our customer support emails, but we thought it would be useful to also write here how to do it.

We will assume that you have a Facebook account, and a 123ContacForm account (it’s free, sign up if you haven’t already). Then follow the steps described below:

– add 123FormBuilder Application to your Facebook page.
– this will automatically create a new menu option and open the App configuration panel.
– select your form and the destination Facebook page
– click Add

Don’t hesitate to watch our video tutorial for a step by step action

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  6. melanie says:

    When we post a contact form on a facebook page, there is an option to add in the mail that we receive from which facebook page we receive it? (If there is the same contact form on several pages)

    • Alex Balan says:

      Hi Melanie,

      Yes we do have that option, please tick the box that sais “Add referer if available at the end of your message”, available under Form Settings –> Notifications

  7. can ho saigon pearl says:

    You can use the contact form for Facebook on the free plan too.

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    I like that you can use two forms, that will be a bonus!

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    Thank you! I have been searching for hours trying to figure out how to set this up. I’m so glad you were thoughtful enough to make the video to show people. Thanks again.

  24. olejki says:

    I have a problem Facebook blocks the cookie that makes Captcha work.

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    Too easy, thanks 🙂

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    Just wanted to let you know that I have implemented this on one of our Fan Pages for crate engines and it is working a treat.

    Thanks for sharing this..lets hope my crate engine fans can work it for us.

    Cheers guys thanks!!!

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    Hi, thanks for the article and video, will look this in more details for my business fanpage. Thanks.

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    I’ve been looking for a good contact form for one of my fanpages. I’ve already used some, that I won’t mention, that just didn’t work.
    I see this one 123formbuilder has had alot of interest and use.

    I’ll try this out now and give my honest review.

    I like that you can use two forms, that will be a bonus!

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    seems like so interesting, and thank you for the tutorial video.

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    can i use two forms for my facebook page, side by side???

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  36. Tara says:

    I have just added the contact to my fb page and it is coming up under the heading of welcome on the left side tab. How can i change the title of the tab?

    • Alexandra says:

      Tara, you go to Edit page, then select Applications and press Change settings in the iFrame Apps section. A lightbox will appear and there you can change the title.

  37. Serra says:

    thank you nice article nice video

  38. jason says:

    I was following the tutorial for adding the Static FBML and when I select the Static FBML I should be able to add it to my facebook page by selecting “add to facebook page”. It doesn’t come up and I copy the steps in the video to no avail.

    • adraghici says:

      Jason, please check the short tutorial above the video. Since Static FBML was removed by Facebook we recommend another App that will perform the same: IFrame Apps.

  39. taiphotography says:

    I dot get the 3rd step can some1 help me pls thx

  40. sharon says:

    i got static fbml and i put your code.
    it working fine but always after sending the details it says again to write the code and it gibrish the hebrew.
    what can i do ?

  41. Roza says:

    what is i have a new version of a facebook page?! i cant find most of the stuff you were showing. or i’m just dumb. 🙂

  42. christy says:

    is there another fbml to use?
    this one doesn’t work

  43. Hannah says:

    How do I add a contact form with the NEW facebook page layout? The App does not have an “edit” button.

    • Alexandra says:

      Elke, Hannah, in the Base URL section, you select the page where you want to post the form – that means that you need to have a page created (which is different from your Facebook profile). Then, insert the generated code in the iFrame URL box and click submit.

  44. elke says:

    Just wondering if you have info for the new Facebook? I can get to the FBML link on the left, when I click edit there’s just a blank area and nowhere to edit. Can you help?

  45. Alex says:

    Nice, many thanks !

  46. jule says:

    facebook is fazing out FBML and introducing iFrames. Will the contact form work on iFrames? Please help!

  47. Lisa says:

    Hello there,

    My facebook page is “I’m a sugarmum! I love it and so will you”. I’ve tried adding static FBML. When I click to add to my page, a box comes up which asks me to select which page I want to add static FBML to. And below that it says, “No Results”. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks Lisa

  48. Lori says:

    When I go to the FBML Facebook page & click on “add to my page”, my page does not show up in the box?? Can you help me on this?

  49. lynsey says:

    Hi just watched your tutorial for this app for facebook.

    It allows me to add the FBML tab to my page, and then go to edit….

    but since the recent facebook layout change i have no “edit” button once in the applications menu like shown in your video, therefore i can’t access the forms etc etc.

    Hope you understand what i mean and can help me


  50. Hil says:

    I can not get the video to load, does anyone have a written tutorial??

  51. TJ's says:

    I set up my contact form on facebook however when used it is not emailing me. Can anyone help with this?

  52. Lisa says:

    Thank you, Now I can add a contact form on my page instead of suggesting to send me an email.

  53. Tammi says:

    HI, can anyone shed some light on how to upload this to the FB page….I cant view the UTuBE video as I only have Dial-up Internet…can anyone let me know the basic steps in loading the HTML code……:( THANKS

  54. asher says:


    I am using your contact form on face book
    It is in Hebrew
    My problem is that the content information I get on the mail, like name, massage in coming like that ייעוץ ×œ×¤× ×™ רכישה
    Can you help me fix that

    Thank you


  55. Tina says:

    How do I get this form to work on a Facebook FANpage? When I go to Edit the application it doesnt give me any fields to enter HTML code 🙁
    I have seen someone else using this form on their Fanpage so their must be a way….

  56. sara says:

    hi, wen i click on add to my page its says select which page you wish to add and then no results? pls help

  57. admin says:

    Yes, a valid URL includes http:// in front of it 🙂 We will surely put a note about it.

  58. juan says:

    Redirect problem solved:
    the sistem needs “http://” before the domain…

    @admin maybe you can put a *note


  59. juan says:

    I setted up my facebook page as my domain and the system still not accept facebook page for the redirect…

  60. juan says:

    Hi I have a possible answer for the redirect problem:
    the system accept only pgaes for the domain setted-up in the sign-up process… Is that correct?

  61. juan says:

    Hi thanks for your reply,
    I used for the redirect page:

    and the sistem said: “The page you wish to display after the form is filled is not valid!”


  62. admin says:

    juan, what is the exact URL you wish to use? if you don’t want to post it here, open a support ticket:

  63. juan says:

    Why 123contact doesn’t accept a facebook page as return page after the form?

    When I try to set my facebook page as return page the system says:
    “The page you wish to display after the form is filled is not valid!”

    Does really 123contact works with Facebook?
    Many thanks

  64. admin says:

    Andy, Facebook blocks the cookie that makes Captcha work. Please use the forms without Daily Captcha, which does not require a cookie. It can be enabled from Form Setup.

  65. admin says:

    Jeff, contact us using our contact form. Private data cannot be discussed on the blog.

  66. Jeff Shafer says:

    why can i not log in? i have everything correct

    i have tried your other damn methods, my COOKIES are enabled and i still can not get thru

  67. AndY says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, it really helped. I encountered one problem however. I added the html code to the FBML box on my facebook page, but when I tested it out, even though I put int he verification code correctly it said that I did not and took me to another page. Why wouldn’t it accept the correct first attempt?

  68. admin says:

    Kate, the logo and that nice box that contains the form, in the preview, are ment for using the form ON OUR SITE. When you embed the form code, you get only the actual form code.

    If you wish to use the logo and nice box, you should add a simple link on your Facebook page, to the link that is provided in Get Html Code, Option 1.

  69. Kate says:

    I’ve added the logo to the contact form and it shows up in preview but when I paste the html code onto my facebook page the logo doesn’t show up?

  70. JenS says:

    YO! Do you have any update to this? ‘cuz now it aint workin!

  71. Fernando Marquez says:

    Congratulations for your useful services.

  72. Pat says:

    Wow!!! This really is the best solution to my problem!!
    A very big thanks to this post! More power.. Thanks for the help!

  73. Zita says:

    regarding to the facebook contact form tab, when i clicked on Submit the add to profile button didnt show up..
    therefore i could not set the application on my fanpage…
    can you please help me with this?
    thank you

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