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12 Wedding Forms to Help You Plan the Perfect Day!

Posted on July 13, 2022

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12 Wedding Forms to Help You Plan the Perfect Day!

As most of us know, planning a wedding is an effort that brings together multiple verticals and people (many of whom may not always see eye to eye on all wedding details). Wedding forms are an easy way to plan and keep track of all the wedding planning details — both as a couple about to get married and as a service provider in the wedding industry. 

Below you will find a series of wedding forms that can act as wedding DJ forms, wedding consultation forms, wedding planner forms, wedding order forms, and so on. Read on to discover all of our wedding forms you can just grab, personalize, and use — as well as how to use them in the most efficient way there is. 

1. Wedding Inquiry Form Template

wedding inquiry form

Who needs this? 

This form template can be used by any kind of wedding service provider who wants to receive and reply to inquiries in an organized way. Although initially built as a wedding officiant form, the easy drag-and-drop editing features allow anyone to simply change a few words and adapt this form to their own specific wedding industry niche. 

What’s it for? 

The wedding inquiry form template presented here is meant to help wedding service providers stay on top of all the questions they receive from their brides and grooms. This enables them to look professional and make sure they get to all the inquiries in due time. 

Key benefits 

This inquiry form can be very easily adapted to any of the wedding industry niches out there. From a wedding officiant form it can be easily transformed into a photography form, for example, or a wedding DJ form if that’s the kind of service you provide. No coding is needed!

Plus, you can also adapt the design of the form to suit your own needs and branding and you can even set up a friendly email notification that lets form submitters know you’re on your way to answering their questions in a given time span. All this enables you to create a perfect customer experience, which, in turn, will help you get even more referrals and stellar reviews. 

2. Wedding RSVP Form Template

wedding RSVP form

Who needs this? 

This wedding RSVP form template is meant to be used by wedding planners (as well as brides and grooms planning the Big Day on their own). The form at hand is an easy way to collect responses from wedding guests, so you know exactly how many of them will be attending your wedding. 

What’s it for? 

This wedding form template allows wedding planners to keep track of the number of guests who have responded to the wedding invitations, and know how many will attend the event, how many won’t, and how many are still undecided. Furthermore, this will also allow the wedding planner to collect information about guests (such as a song they would like to listen to at the reception or a category of foods they want to eat). 

Key benefits 

The wedding RSVP form template at hand can be easily edited by anyone (no coding is needed). It can also be set up to send automatic email notifications to the responder or the wedding planner — thus ensuring proper communication between the planner and future wedding guests. 

3. Wedding Information Form Template

wedding information form

Who needs this?

This wedding information form template can be used by wedding photographers (or adjusted to fit the specificities of any other wedding service). 

What’s it for? 

The wedding information form here can be used by photographers or other wedding service providers to collect information about their brides and grooms before signing a contract with them. This is essential for wedding photographers and service providers in the wedding industry because it enables them to correctly assess the needs of their customers and plan ahead accordingly. Furthermore, this also allows them to correctly quote their services to couples getting married. 

Key benefits 

One of the key benefits of this form template is that it can be very easily adjusted for any other type of wedding service provider. You can very easily drag and drop new fields into the form, as well edit the existing ones. Also, you can set up a Thank You page that’s customized for your brand, and you can even set up email notifications that go out automatically when a form is submitted. All this requires zero coding from your part. 

4. Wedding Reception Form Template

wedding reception form

Who needs this? 

This wedding reception form template is perfect for wedding reception planners because it enables them to plan the reception down to the smallest detail.

What’s it for? 

This wedding form brings together the essential details of a wedding reception, from the music that will be played at the most important moments to the specific times when the cake will be cut, and even describe whether or not the wedding venue has stairs – and how many!. 

Key benefits 

One of the key advantages of this wedding reception form template is that it is very easy to adjust it to fit your exact needs. You can add and remove fields from the form just by dragging and dropping, you can alter the design to fit your specific business, and you can even publish it on your own site without writing a single line of code. Super-easy to use! 

5. Bridal Show Contact Form Template

bridal show contact form

Who needs this? 

This contact form template is meant to be used by bridal show organizers and/or wedding service providers that are present at bridal shows. 

What’s it for? 

Brides and grooms see a lot of wedding vendors at bridal shows, but if you want them to really remember you, a quick contact form can do wonders. You can allow them to fill this in on a tablet you set up on each stand and make sure you get their email to stay in touch about a potential collaboration. 

Key benefits 

Setting this form up takes less than two minutes, and that’s including any design adjustments you’d like to make. Also, you can set up an automated email notification both the submitter and you will receive every time a form is sent in, so your future customers know exactly who you are, what they discussed with you, and how they can stay in touch for the future. 

6. Wedding Flower Consultation Form Template

wedding flower consultation form

Who needs this? 

This wedding flower consultation form template is meant to be used by wedding florists to gain a better understanding of their customers and what they want for the Big Day. 

What’s it for? 

The wedding flower consultation form template will ask all the essential questions you, the wedding florist, need to know about the wedding and the couple to create flower arrangements that complement their personality, their Big Day, and all of the other small details that make weddings magical. 

Key benefits 

This form template can be EASILY adjusted to fit your needs and your brand. It can also be set up on your site, social media, or sent out via email in minutes. And, if you want form submitters to receive a copy of the information they’ve just submitted, you can also set up an automated email notification that lets them know that. All super-easy, no coding needed! 

7. Wedding Consultation Form Template

wedding consultation form

Who needs this? 

The wedding consultation form template here was created for wedding planners who want to understand their potential customers before they sign a contract with them.

What’s it for? 

A consultation form template like this can easily help you collect information about the brides and grooms you’ll serve before you create any contract with them. This will allow you to understand the kind of wedding they want and the kind of services they need from you.

Key benefits 

It takes literally minutes to set up a form like this — and yes, you can 100% adjust it to fit your branding and your needs (no coding will be needed). 

8. RSVP Form Template

rsvp form template

Who needs this? 

Event planners need this RSVP form template because it will make the entire planning process easier for them AND for their events’ guests. 

What’s it for? 

This is an online RSVP form that allows future guests to confirm their presence at an event (or let the organizers know that they will not make it). 

Key benefits 

Stop the endless calls and trying to follow the paper trail of traditional RSVPs. An online RSVP is an easy way for guests to submit their answers in time (and not have any excuse about it). Save yourself the time and the effort with an online RSVP form that’s easy to set up and easy to adjust to every type of event you plan (including weddings). 

9. Wedding Request Form Template

wedding request form

Who needs this? 

This request form template is designed to help churches that organize wedding ceremonies.

What’s it for? 

The wedding request form here is meant to help church wedding officiants collect information about the couples they will marry. 

Key benefits 

The primary key benefit of this wedding request form is that it can be very easily set up on your website or social media channels. It’s all about dragging and dropping fields into the form (if you want to change its current format) and editing text (like the name of your church), so it will all be done in minutes! 

10. Client Consultation Form Template

client consultation form

Who needs this? 

This is a simple client consultation form template that can be adjusted by wedding planners and wedding vendors to suit their industry. 

What’s it for? 

You can use this consultation form to collect basic information about your wedding customers before you set up a meeting with them.

Key benefits 

Adjusting this form to suit your specific business needs (such as altering the design, the kind of questions you want to ask, etc.) is extremely easy. It’s all dragging and dropping and no coding is needed, so anyone can do it! 

11. Prenuptial Agreement Form Template

prenuptial agreement form

Who needs this? 

All brides and grooms who want to sign a prenuptial agreement, as well as legislator officiants that can execute such contracts, will find this agreement form a straightforward, hassle-free option.

What’s it for? 

This is a basic template for a prenuptial agreement, to help the bride and groom agree on various aspects of their future marriage (particularly in case they might split up at some point) before the Big Day.

Key benefits 

You can add as many fields as you want to this form, and it’s all just drag and drop, so no coding will be necessary. You can also add multiple choice fields, open fields, and even signature fields to help you generate a PDF out of this form and make it legally binding. 

12. Wedding Cake Order Form

wedding cake order form

Who needs this? 

This order form is perfect for every pastry shop or pastry chef delivering wedding cakes. 

What’s it for? 

Including this cake order form on your website or social media channels will help you provide better service to your brides and grooms. Simplify the wedding cake order process and stay on top of all your orders with one simple form! 

Key benefits

Incorporating this wedding cake order form on your site or socials will help you streamline the ordering process and make both your life and your clients’ lives easier. It takes minutes to set up the form and no coding is needed. Additionally, you can integrate a payment field with a payment processor in this form as well, so you can collect advance payments for each order. ALL super-easy to set up!

Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Form Templates

What forms do you need for a wedding?

Although legislation differs from one country to another and even from one state to another within the same country (i.e. the United States of America), in general, you will be required to submit a series of documents, such as: 

  • A marriage license; 
  • A prenuptial agreement (optionally); 

After the wedding, you might also be required to change your documents, including (but not limited to): 

  • Your social security card
  • Your driver’s license 
  • Your passport
  • Your bank accounts 
  • Your address with the postal office (if you are moving from your current address)
  • The name and address on utility bills 
  • The information on your lease
  • The information on your credit card 
  • The information your employer has on file about you 

What is a wedding document called?

A wedding document is called a marriage license (which is a document you have to obtain before the wedding) or a marriage certificate (which is the document that will be released after the wedding)

What documents do you need when you get married?

The types of documents required may vary from one state to another. As a general rule, though, you will need your driver’s license or passport, your birth certificate, and social security number. Additionally, you might also be required to provide a divorce or death decree if you have been married before, as well as parental consent if you are underage.

What does prenup mean?

A prenup is a contract signed between two parties about to get married, usually covering what will happen with physical assets in the event of a future divorce.

What do you need for a wedding checklist?

If you want your wedding checklist to be very thorough, you can easily create one through an online form builder. There are wedding checklist templates you can pick up and use, as well as customize to your own needs and share with everyone who is involved in the wedding planning. The secret to smart wedding checklists is making sure you think of as many details as possible and organize them by “department” (flowers, outfits, bridal party, cake & dessert, catering, music, photography, and so on).

When should the wedding RSVP be?

As a general rule, you should ask your guests to send back the RSVP up to three or four weeks before the Big Day.

Originally published on March 2, 2022

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