Play With Forms: How An Entertainment Company Handled Its Workload Through Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

It’s no secret we all love to play from time to time. Be it video games, Farm Heroes Saga or Candy Crush, Charade, Monopoly, and the more challenging, physical, team games like paintball and others. No matter how old we are, or how serious we are in our business attire, the little kids inside us will always have that special attraction for play and entertainment.

Who is Grand Affairs Group?

A thought like this probably laid the ground base for the Grand Affairs Group, an UK located company specialised in offering entertainment, play, medieval history, archery and inflatable play attractions. The company’s main audience is generally formed of young people, though adults are also part of the public. Grand Affairs Group also dedicates its services to people with special needs, mental and physical disabilities.

The Problem

As fun as this domain may sound, it’s not always fun or easy to manage this kind of business. In time, Grand Affairs Group has grown more and more, and extended its services. The company started to organize a trade show and to run an online magazine, plus various related trade associations. Thus, dealing with memberships and registrations for events, play appointments and other activities became inevitable.

Grand Affairs Group logo

Being confronted with the need to handle a lot of data for registrations and memberships, Grand Affairs Group tried at first to manage this work itself. As it turned out, this attempt was very time consuming, since it supposed data collection, sorting and converting into the desired format. Next, the company tried to pay a service provider to take care of this data handling part. The problem here was that the certain service provider had quite high rates, offering in exchange features and services that were too complex for Grand Affairs’ needs.

The Solution

The phase that followed was looking for another solution to handle all the necessary data. Several tools were taken into account, but none of them met the company’s needs. That is when Peter Grand, the company owner, discovered 123FormBuilder.

In that whole data handling nightmare, 123FormBuilder took over the role of a life jacket. When the company started using web forms, registrations and memberships almost happened by themselves.

Event registration forms and membership forms allowed customers to sign up for play activities, to organize events and to become members of the different trade associations, plus they could be used for every section of the business. Integrations like the one with Google Drive and MailChimp, expanded the form building options, allowing a more advanced information management. Participants lists could this way be exported to spreadsheets, and newsletters with the latest events could easily be sent out to every follower.

Because Grand Affairs Group is a service provider, the payment integration on the forms fit hand in glove. Service fees could be collected through just a few clicks, making both the owner and visitor experience more pleasant. Furthermore, just to make sure visitors are fully informed about the service they acquire, a terms and conditions box also made its way onto the forms.

Peter Grand - Grand Affairs GroupWhat did the company win by choosing to integrate 123FormBuilder in its daily activity (of course, besides the fun of building awesome web forms)? “123FormBuilder has helped us in maintaining accurate records, saved many hours in labour costs and also enabled us to achieve our requirements in house. It is estimated that we save around £5000.00 per year using 123FormBuilder.”, as Peter Grand kindly shared with us.

Thus, through this example we can see that web forms and play can be two very related concepts. Even if you use them TO play, FOR play or THROUGH playing.

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