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7 Education Feedback Forms For Schools & Universities

Feedback is key for delivering the best service possible. After all, how do you know how you’re doing if you never ask? The best way to obtain their opinion and student feedback is using education feedback forms that make the whole process easy. 

In education, students are central—whether it’s K-12 or college. Student feedback is essential to make sure you’re aware of their experience. In order to improve a school or university–or any other educational institution–it’s important to get feedback from students, teachers, and other members of staff. 

Use these seven education form templates to ask the important questions, gather valuable feedback, and ultimately improve your institution. 

1. Faculty Feedback Form

faculty feedback form

Who needs this? 

Educational institutions need this form so that they can assess how their faculty members are performing. 

What’s it for? 

Students fill out this feedback survey to assess their lessons, teachers, and overall school program. 

Key benefits:

  • Full customization: not every institution or class needs the same feedback. Thanks to our fully customizable forms, you edit our template to suit your specific needs in a matter of minutes. 
  • Email notification: notify those involved—teachers, supervisors, and others—when the form has been filled out and submitted.
  • Reports dashboard: view survey responses in the reports dashboard for an overview of student satisfaction with your faculty. 

2. Medical Teaching Feedback Form

medical teaching feedback form

Who needs this? 

Medical teaching staff need a medical teaching feedback form in order to get feedback and input from their students about training seminar material and pace. 

What’s it for? 

The medical teaching feedback allows students to give their assessment of the medical course and teaching staff. In it, they can rate the different parts of the course and give advice on what the tutor could provide in the future. 

Key benefits:

  • Easy to fill out: students are busy, especially medical students. Send this form directly to their inbox and ensure you’ll get the feedback you need.
  • Save the environment: online forms help you go paperless–thus, saving the environment from unnecessary use of resources and waste. 
  • Customizable Thank You page: leave your student on a positive note by thanking them for taking the time to give feedback. 

3. Parents Feedback Form

parents feedback form

Who needs this? 

Teachers and staff that would like to collect parent feedback on their overall experience at the school need this feedback form. 

What’s it for? 

The parent’s feedback form allows educational institutions to reach out to parents and ask them to share their feedback about facilities, teaching methods, and their kids’ wellbeing.

Key benefits:

  • Customizable Thank You page: thank parents for their time and for the trust they place in your institution.
  • Online makes it easy: send the online form straight to the parents’ inbox and make it easy for them to answer.
  • Streamlined data management: use our integration options to export your data in whatever file format you need for optimized management and reporting. 

4. Placement Feedback Form

placement feedback form

Who needs this? 

Institutions that want to know their students and learners’ thoughts about the workplace placement process need a solid placement feedback form. 

What’s it for? 

The placement feedback form allows students to assess their placement experience and for institutions to understand their experience. 

Key benefits:

  • Conditional logic: let your form adapt based on previous answers in order to obtain relevant placement information. 
  • Go paperless: online forms are more environmentally friendly than paper forms. 
  • Avoid human error: online forms allow you to store and keep all necessary information neat and organized in one place–never worry about misplacing your forms again.

5. Session Feedback Form

session feedback form

Who needs this? 

Presenters and instructors need an easy and quick way to get feedback on an organized session they’ve run. 

What’s it for? 

The session feedback form—such as a workshop feedback form, class feedback form, or seminar feedback form—is for attendees to easily rate various aspects of both the lecture given and the instructor giving it.

Key benefits:

  • Easily customize forms: the form builder’s drag and drop tool makes building your ideal forms quick and easy.
    • Speed up processes: save time and speed up your next session preparation by integrating 123FormBuilder with your existing workflow. 
  • Intuitive for students: this form is widely used in the education sector to determine session success—it needs to be accessible and understood by everyone. 

6. Student Feedback Form

student feedback form

Who needs this? 

Every institution can benefit from a good student feedback form. Accurately understanding the instructor-student relationship is crucial for a healthy institution.

What’s it for? 

Student feedback forms are designed to get feedback from students on different teaching-learning techniques in the institution. 

Key benefits:

  • 100% customizable: all of our feedback forms are fully customizable for you to get the feedback you really need. 
    • Automate send out: you likely have a lot of students—speed up send out by automating the process.
  • Conditional logic flow: only ask relevant questions with dynamic forms that adapt to previous responses.

7. Summer Camp Feedback Form

summer camp feedback form

Who needs this? 

Summer camp organizers need a quick and efficient way to get feedback from parents. 

What’s it for? 

The summer camp feedback form allows parents to give their opinion and feedback about the summer camp that their children have attended. 

It gives all the necessary information for summer camp organizers to improve the camper’s future experience. 

Key benefits:

  • Take forms online: be able to reach your summer camp attendees’ parents wherever they are thanks to our online forms. 
  • Fully customizable: customize the form to fit your particular summer camp needs. 
  • Integrate with other apps: for simple data management integrate your forms with your workflow. 

Educational Feedback Forms from 123FormBuilder

Without feedback it would be almost impossible to improve your staff’s performance and your students’ experience. It’s essential that you acknowledge where you could be doing better and how.

123FormBuilder makes collecting feedback easy. The easy-to-use form builder helps you create forms in minutes, and the ample integrations ensure you can quickly and easily send them out to your faculty, students, and parents.

Sign up today to start collecting high-quality feedback with comprehensive forms.

Educational Industry Feedback Forms: Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a teaching feedback form?

A teaching feedback form should include details about the teacher and course and a rating of each of the different parts of the teaching—such as style, timetable, tutor, topics, course work, and more. Additional information about the student is optional. 

How do you give feedback to education?

Educational institutions provide surveys and questionnaires in order to collect the feedback necessary for them to improve their services. 

How do teachers create feedback forms?

When creating feedback forms teachers need to know what they are hoping to achieve. Consider asking about the schedule, learning material, workload, and other important factors that can be improved through valuable feedback.

By using 123FormBuilder’s online form builder, teachers only need to drag and drop the necessary questions and sections they want their feedback form to include and then they’re good to go. 

What are the 3 types of feedback in education?

In broad terms, feedback for educational institutions can be divided into three questions:

  • What should I stop?
  • What should I keep going?
  • What should I start doing?

Through the different feedback forms offered here, you want to know what’s working, what’s not working, and what your students propose you start doing. These three aspects are the ones that will help you improve the overall experience at your institution. 

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