How Online Forms Can Help You Throw the Greatest Christmas Party


by 123FormBuilder

Everybody that’s been invited to a Christmas party, raise your hand please… Gosh, we see a lot of hands out there! If you’ve always been just invited and didn’t have to actually organize those parties, now put yourself in the event organizer’s shoes… That’s a pretty nice load of work they have to manage.

Because we just love to help you streamline your workflow, we at 123FormBuilder would like to show you how you can easily organize an office Christmas party for your business’ employees and other guests, using handy and holiday-adapted forms.

Let’s start with the beginning. If you plan to throw a Christmas party, you might want to know what your employees think of it. Designing a nice holiday survey can be a good idea to find out which date would be more suitable to have the party, where it should be held, if your employees would like a Secret Santa to be organized, what kind of food should be picked for serving at the party, if plus ones should be allowed, or what type of attractions (classical music quartett, ice sculptures, sleigh rides etcetera) they would like to find when attending the party.

 Building the survey has to be done smartly, so that you can have it done and filled out quickly, since there’s not much time left till Christmas. Besides putting some festive design elements onto the form, you can take advantage of using rules for conditioning if questions should appear or not. For example, if someone says they’re not ok with plus ones joining, then you won’t display the question “Would you like to bring a plus one?” This way, you’ll spare time when having your employees filling out the form.

After all submissions are gathered, make use of the helpful reports section to see which are the winning options for choosing the date for the party, the location, the menu and so on. There you have it! Now you just have to start calling to reserve the restaurant and to order the desired food menu.

Once you’re done with these basic preparations, it’s time to know for sure who’s coming to the party, because you wouldn’t want to think you have 50 employees coming, when there are fact only 7 that’ll make it to the party. Thus, keep your event registration form close. If you don’t need such an elaborated type of form just for ensuring the participation confirmation, you can choose the simple RSVP form instead.

Christmas party rsvp form

Both forms can be published on your company website, Facebook page or distributed through internal mail, and they will help you establish the list with participants. Moreover, given the case that your party implies some fees for special Christmas attractions or menus, your forms can also integrate a payment processing system to collect those fees.

Congrats, you’re one step closer to holding that party! Now you might want to offer the party attendees something to download, like say a printable ticket for the party, a nice Christmas carol to enjoy in their work breaks or a special desktop wallpaper to induce the holiday spirit. Offer all these things with the help of a file download form, and your employees will have a pleasant surprise.

Download File Christmas Party

After all these preparations, your office Christmas party has to be a success. But if you really want to see if your employees think of it the same way, just send them an invitation to fill out a feedback form. You’ll know exactly what they’ve appreciated about the party, what they would like to see next year at the party and what they’d rather leave out. As a plus, they’ll be very happy that you asked them and that you value their opinion, hence their loyalty to you might increase even more, if that’s possible.

We hope you’ll have fun at your Christmas party and even more fun organizing it, now that you’ve seen that being the number one responsible of the party isn’t so hard anymore when you have 123FormBuilder aiding you.

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