A Christmas Story: How Santa Saved The Christmas Holiday With The Help Of Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Santa Christmas ruined

It was a snowy and ice-cold night up at the North Pole. With only five days to go until Christmas Eve, preparations were in full swing at the Claus residence. Santa Claus was searching for his black and gold belt to see if it’ll still fit his belly for this Christmas, while Mrs. Claus was ironing her husband’s holiday suit.

The elves were diligently working on the Christmas toys for the kids in Santa’s toy workshop. There was a contagious joy floating in the air, while these cute pointed-ear fellows hummed Christmas carols.

In the stall, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and the red-nosed Rudolph were comfortably tucked in warm blankets, resting for the big night that was about to come soon.

Everything was peaceful, yet jolly at the North Pole…

Suddenly, a powerful snowstorm swept through the North Pole. Huge snow clouds and a frightening, cold wind blew away Santa’s Christmas town. Everybody was taken by surprise, no matter if it was the Claus family, the elves or the reindeers. Fortunately, they succeeded to find shelter to protect themselves from the terrifying winter storm.

After the wind has calmed down and the snow clouds passed, Santa’s crew began daring to come out of their hiding place and looked at the damage. Oh my, and what damage that was! The toys from the workshop were all scattered, the working area was destroyed and the list with the Naughty and Nice just vanished along with the storm clouds.

Oh Gosh, Santa whispered desperately, what should we do now? Christmas is ruined… We’ll never make it in time with everything for Christmas Eve!

Santa Christmas ruined

It was then when an inspired elf named Crispin approached Santa and had the most helpful idea. Santa, don’t be discouraged, he said, I think I know how we can save the Christmas Holiday.
But how?, Santa asked. All the toys are wrecked, the workshop can’t be used anymore and even the Naughty and Nice list is gone!
Don’t worry, affirmed the elf confidently. Let me handle it, I’ll work everything out and we’ll still have Christmas this year.
You could already see the spark of hope in Santa’s eyes, while he approved his little elf coordinating the ‘Christmas rescue’ action.

And so the elf went to work. First thing that had to be done was a general meeting with all of Santa’s staff to see how they would proceed further on. Because some of the elves were still scared of the storm and thus still hiding, Crispin the Elf built an online RSVP form for inviting everyone to the next day meeting, in order to make sure every elf will find out about the meeting and will confirm their participation.


At the next day meeting, Crispin held a motivational speech, telling all of his fellow elves and the Claus family how they would save Christmas. The solution was beyond easy: they would use web forms to aid them in rescuing the holiday.

In order to recreate the Naughty and Nice list, they needed to know which kid was in which column. And because it was too late to proceed otherwise, Crispin suggested to use an online survey from the holiday-friendly 123FormBuilder, which they would distribute to all parents worldwide, so that they can tell how their child behaved during that year. With the ease of use of the form editor, the elves built a Naughty and Nice survey in no-go and started sending it out. There didn’t pass more than a few minutes and the submissions started flowing into Santa’s mailbox.


Now that the Naughty and Nice list problem was solved, next thing on the to-do list was to find a way to find out what the kids wanted for Christmas, since the toys were destroyed and there was no more evidence of the toy necessities. Again, Crispin the Elf had the wonderful idea of creating an online order form for the parents, where they could write down their children’s biggest Christmas wishes. 123FormBuilder came to help again and allowed the elves to create a Santa-branded and holiday-matched order form that collected all of the toy necessities. Moreover, the reports from the submissions made it overly clear what toys the elves had to order and in which quantities.


From there, everything went smoothly. The presents were ordered, delivered and dropped by at the children’s’ houses exactly on Christmas Eve. Santa fitted just fine in his holiday suit and stayed away from the stress of Christmas being ruined. Crispin was seen as a real hero, though he recognized that he hadn’t managed to do all by himself if it hadn’t been for 123FormBuilder.

This was our little Christmas story, which we hope you have enjoyed. Also, we hope that our forms will keep aiding you in your work, just like they did with Santa Claus 🙂 And because it’s what everyone can dream of, we wish you a Joyful Holiday, full of warmth and peace!


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