TuesdayTemplate: Increase your leads count with the Newsletter Subscription Form and the File Download Form


by 123FormBuilder

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday… Tuesday! Yay, it’s Tuesday again, so it’s time for our beloved and special templates. Today we’re taking a sneak peak to the Newsletter Subscription Form template and the File Download Form template .

The best thing about these two forms is they can be used for many purposes and business types, while adapted to everyone’s specific needs. Are you a small business trying to keep your customers up to date with your latest technology products? Or an NPO aiming to maintain awareness for its children-related causes among its followers? Or even a trainer struggling to keep alive interest in your time management classes? No matter what your business type or your cause, a newsletter subscription form and a file download form may serve your needs very well, just like the cookie-cutter online feedback form.

Engage your visitors with a Newsletter Subscription form

When talking about forms for a small business, a newsletter is a great way for to announce a whole bucket of different news such as latest products, special offers, changes in the company’s management, partnerships, acquired milestones, success stories or any other type of information relevant to your customers.

Nonprofits using web forms can take advantage of sending out newsletters if they want to raise awareness over a specific problem, to gain support from followers and attract new supporters, to ask readers to help by donating something, to thank them for their support and share your success on a certain cause, to announce upcoming events or actions, to maintain contact to followers and strengthen relationships, to search for new volunteers and to distribute informational content.

As an educator or a trainer who uses forms, you can also opt to send out information on upcoming courses and classes, to share information from past lessons with your attendees or any other type of useful learning tips and tools, to maintain relationships with your current trainees and to thank everyone for following you, all via newsletter.

That’s just a first glance at some reasons for you to want people to subscribe to your newsletter. Further implications of people subscribing to your newsletter are lead gathering, branding opportunities and possible sales increase. We think arguments like the ones listed above should be enough to convince you about the usefulness of integrating a newsletter subscription form into your website.

Here is how such a form looks like:

newsletter subscription form

You can notice it’s really short, only asking for a name and an email address, information that is needed to send out the newsletter later on. You can also ask a quick question on the format in which people prefer to receive the newsletter. Maybe you have different kinds of newsletters, depending on your news types, then you can ask people what they’re most interested to read about. One more thing you can include in your newsletter is a short assurance for your visitors that you won’t spam them, once you got their emails. This should diminish their fear of receiving unsolicited mail.

So basically a newsletter subscription form needs to be short and have a strong call to action like “Subscribe to our newsletter now”. There’s no need to complicate things. Something you can do is customize the form so that it matches your branding strategy.

Here’s an example of how it could look like:


Moving on to the next lead collector: The File Download Form

Similar to the Newsletter Subscription form, a File Download form can help you in your quest of getting fresh and relevant leads. But wait – there’s more! Often nicknamed “freebie form”, a file download form can do more than just collect leads and that is offering them something (a “freebie”) in return. So it’s actually a great way to give a little present to your customers while asking for their contact data, which you can further use to follow-up, to see how they enjoyed your freebie and to send them offers related to the freebie’s content.

What could you give your visitors through a file download form? Basically anything from an ebook, a photo collection, an infographic, a template, a supporter badge, a brochure, a video presentation, and up to product samples sent to your customer’s house or other free stuff you can think of.

This is how the File Download Form template looks like:

file download form

Like the newsletter subscription form, this form keeps requested data to a minimum and only asks for information required for your leads collection. The CTA should underline the fact that you’re offering something for free, so that your customers find it appealing. Some other things to keep in mind when designing this form are clearly stating what you’re providing, maintaining the “free” status (that means you shouldn’t make people pay later on for what you’re promising) of the freebie, and providing a non-complicated way of access to the freebie.

For example, after visitors fill out the information from the form and hit the submit button, you can redirect them to the download page, make the download start automatically or send them the freebie per email. You can integrate the download link within an email autoresponder. Or, if you’d like to skip the email step, you can direct people to the link right in their browser, after they submit the form, by customizing the Thank You message. The only thing to remember is visitors shouldn’t go through too many steps to get what they were signing up for.

Of course, freebie forms can (should actually) also be customized to align with your brand image. A bonus on this kind of form you can make a combo and also insert a checkbox where people can opt for receiving your newsletter. Voila – this way you can kill two birds with one stone. (Just please don’t knock them completely down).

Below you can have a look at a pretty example of a customized freebie form:



Remember, we’re eagerly awaiting to hear how your are using these forms and to see which awesome design you gave them under our Twitter hashtag #TuesdayTemplate.

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