Tuesday Form Template: The Helpful Employment Application Form


by 123FormBuilder

This Tuesday’s starred template is an employment application form. This is a handy sample that can serve the improvement of HR departments from every business sector. At a certain point, every business carries employment processes. The selection of applicants is thorough and can consume time and energy in order to reach a favorable outcome.
Build to satisfy all your requirements, an employment application form will allow you to have easy access to all job inquiries, view records of your potential employees and thus facilitate the preparation for the interview. It is simpler to arrange an in-person interview if you already have all the essential data about your applicants. This way you will know how to evaluate them better and have a rigorous selection. By using 123FormBuilder’s free online job application form template you can develop a perfect tool that will shorten the time allotted for this process and minimize the efforts.

online job application form template

How to use a 123FormBuilder employment application form?

Since our form builder offers ample customization options, you can give any shape to such a form. Having these editing options you can add value to the created form so you will benefit the most from it.

Branding is a must for a good business. As you already know, for each form you can modify themes, colors, logos and other visual elements to adapt them to your own style.

The drag and drop editor allows you to place all the needed fields in the form in order to request appropriate information about your candidates. In this matter, the upload button has an important role. It allows you to receive images, resumes and other important documents. Also, you can use field rules to show questions depending on previous answers of the candidate. This way the form won’t look that long and applicants will only see the fields they have to fill.

All applications are saved in Submissions where you can see them whenever you need, or have the result correlated with your Google account and receive them real-time in Google Spreadsheets.
It is also easy to promote the job opportunities you offer with the publishing options that 123FormBuilder has. Facebook, Twitter or any other social networks are accessible as well as emails and websites by adding the form’s publishing link.

Here is how it could look like:

Employment application form template

If you want to add even more value, you can separate the form in several pages and add a mini interview with your chosen questions or build the form as a resume and ask information about education, previous experience and many more. Moreover you can add our Google Calendar integration so your candidates can book the interview in your personal calendar. It is easy and will spare you lots of phone calls and time consumed. You can see below an example of such add-ons to boost your employment application form.

Employment interview form template

What other feature do you think could enhance your employment application form? Tell us in the comments section below.

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