Tuesday Template: An Easy to Use Online Sponsorship Request Form


by 123FormBuilder

The business sector has many intersections with the nonprofit area. There are certain situations in which these two depend on each other or join forces for the greater good. One of the well-known instances of collaboration are sponsorship opportunities.

For a company, a sponsorship for an event or program will always have a return on investment. Unlike donations, sponsorships are usually a matter of marketing and are considered a strategy to promote your brand. That is why when requesting a sponsorship you need to have this aspect in mind, to be prepared to show to the pitched company what benefits are in it for them.

You have to know how to approach them and have all the capabilities of showing them exactly who you are and what you want to do. This rule of thumb also applies for companies. If you as a company are open to sponsor different programs it is good to have a tool to let organizations apply for a sponsorship. And here a form builder comes in handy.

Creating an online sponsorship request form will facilitate application and the entire process will be easier to handle. Here you can see a 123FormBuilder sponsorship request form template that can be adapted to your own situation.

 Sponsorship request template

How to create and use a sponsorship request form with 123FormBuilder

If you are a nonprofit applying for a sponsorship or a company offering one, the form can be created to your own requirements, branded and shared with your target audience.

In the form creation part, there are a few fields that can make your sponsorship request better. For example if you add an Upload button you can receive documents, images or videos so that applicants can bring in additional data that can make a compelling argument in their favor.

When adjusting the settings of your forms, you can adjust features or add 3rd party apps. You can customize the Thank You Page and choose to redirect applicants to the page you desire after they made the submission. It can be your website or a dedicated page where they can learn more information.

If you are concerned about form security, you can add a Smart Captcha, restrict the number of submissions from the same IP or even limit some countries from filling your sponsorship request. All these options can be modified so they will respond to your tasks.

You can enable the Save and Resume later option, so that if the organization submitting the request needs to detail objectives or benefits, they can have a time span to better construct their arguments. It will be friendlier and handy. Likewise, in order to offer them an overview of what they wrote you can have 123FormBuilder send them a copy of their submission automatically.

Online sponsorship request sample

If, on the other hand, you are an organization using the form in a final stage of the discussion as an agreement, you can enable payments, adapt the questions and receive the sponsorship through it. It all depends on your internal processes and the sponsorship policy of the companies you are targeting. But, if needed, our forms support multiple payment processors integrated on the same form.

Basically you will have all the assets to create a good sponsorship request that will aid you to better manage this process and will facilitate the communication between all the involved parties. From the form editor to the customization options, 3rd party apps integrations and publishing options, you will surely find the best combination to fit your purpose.

Let us know how you choose to use the sponsorship request form in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share other good examples of forms on Twitter by using the #TuesdayTemplate hashtag.

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