3 Ways to Leverage Weekend Time in the Favor of Your Business With Web Forms


by 123FormBuilder

Social media is one of the hot subjects from the past couple of years and new social platforms start the quest of winning users’ attention. That is why businesses do not neglect this matter and more marketing efforts are channeled towards this medium. Knowing how much you have to invest in the digital world is tricky and debatable, but most definitely it is necessary to have a presence on the social channels.

We have many tools to aid us in this challenge and many of them can ease our work. Let’s take form builders as an example and see how they can help you communicate with your community.

123FormBuilder has a set of features that have the potential of engaging your public even during weekends with minimum efforts. From employees to customers and potential clients, we have a solution for all of them. Sounds good? Well, let’s see how you can harvest your public’s attention while enjoying your weekends.

1. Organize last minute parties

We all know that Friday everybody comes up with creative ideas…for partying. If after a short chat with your colleagues you decide to do something fun together, you can organize it quickly if you use an event registration form. Verbally asking everyone for RSVP is fatiguing and we do not always get the honest answers. So what can you do? Create a web form with the location, ideas and integrate it in a Facebook event. Our forms allow you to place them on a Facebook page and receive direct registration to your email. In this way you will know exactly who comes to your event and plan ahead all the entertainment.

2. Encourage engagement through polls and surveys

With 123FormBuilder you have the option to create simple online polls or complex surveys. You can create them and schedule to be published on Facebook or Twitter during weekends. They are fun to use and people tend to fill them in their spare time. Learn the interests of your stakeholders and build the poll or survey accordingly. You will gather valuable data and the efforts allotted are minimum. You can set customized thank you messages as autoresponders and maybe gain a few supporters.

3. Keep followers posted with your new activities

Forms created with 123FormBuilder have multiple integrations with 3rd party apps. Among them you can find Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite and many more. As we mentioned, you can schedule any type of poll or survey on Facebook. Likewise you can add Twitter to these forms and you will receive a new tweet after each submission. All these integrations can be used to create a loop between your social presence and let your community know you are there.

Also, besides social media, if you want to keep track of your business, you can use our SMS notification system and you will receive a real time message each time anyone fills any of your active forms.

Our form builder enables you all the necessary tools to enjoy your weekend while having your stakeholders engaged.

Which of them will you use for this weekend?

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  1. All the new marketing technologies are moving forward people needs, so I guess more attention should be payed to the surveys: they give us the idea what people really need. And that is the first you need to think about during your weekend time! 🙂

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