News Digest: Twitter Ads, Graph Search + Your Small Business


by 123FormBuilder

Social media world is set to bring us copious surprises this quarter of year. New cutting edge technology comes to enhance human interaction – a marketer’s delight. There are also significant strategy changes about to happen to the social advertising and PPC platforms that most of you are already using.

Even though the enhancements we will feature below are in beta phase and effects are quite unpredictable at this time, what’s sure is that social web is changing and many businesses have already embarked in the early adopters’ bandwagon.

Facebook Graph Search

The new and shiny search feature on Facebook has already become a press buzzword. Beta version was rolled out five weeks ago and is currently extended to “hundreds of thousands of users”. Graph Search is basically a custom search engine for every user, with combined queries (for the moment just “and” operators, “or” is soon to be introduced).

For small and big businesses alike, there are tons of marketing magic to unveil here. Facebook Graph Search helps you filter data about your target customers that would have otherwise been hard or impossible to track down. For example, by a simple type you can now learn who of your business page’s fans is keen on certain places, or likes other related brands. Go ahead and explore co-interests of your customers to discover ever new partnership and promotion opportunities for your business!

Twitter Ad API

If you are not a Twitter person in particular, you may find it a bit over the top to advertise your business there. However, recent statistics prove that your customers may as well already be active Twitter users. Since 2010, Twitter permits running ads in the format of promoted tweets for certain brands, and is now planning to extend advertising opportunities to small businesses.

The big news around the corner is that Twitter is planning to launch a new Ad API which will enable brands to run ads in a more targeted and automated manner, like on Facebook and LinkedIn. Stay tuned, small business marketers, for a new stream of promotional spots will be at your hand soon.

Google Ads for desktop to be combined with their mobile version

It seems like Google will soon remove boundaries between desktop and mobile ads. All of your ads will run on both platforms, and you will be able to set a weighting factor between the two of them. In other words, no more mobile only ads, neither desktop only. As Daina Middleton, the CEO of Performics said, it’s expected that ad costs will increase with about three percent.

This change is an opportunity for your business to step in the mobile ads bandwagon if you didn’t do it yet. It’s a no brainer: you need to have a mobile optimized website in order to reach high conversions on this type of advertising (remember your 123FormBuilder small business forms are 100% mobile optimized). Go ahead and build new and more targeted messages to reach your audiences at a higher level!

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  1. Using Facebook is a great way to promote, if known how to use it right. I think why many pages fail to take off is that the administrator’s do not communicate in their audience’s language. Obviously it’s easy to mess it up, as it’s difficult to grow a nice-sized fan base.

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