More great support! Dorina is our newest specialist, here to help you out


by 123FormBuilder

As you already know, we’re trying to be there for your enquiries and requests promptly and efficiently. Our support team is growing strong, this time by taking Dorina in. Let’s meet her!

Hello, everybody!

I’m Dorina Chifor, the newest member of the 123FormBuilder team. Some of you may have already had the pleasure to chat with me :), as I’m one of the support specialists.

I graduated from the Communication and Foreign Languages Faculty. I loved being a student, so I enrolled at one more faculty: Geodesy, Land Measurement and Survey. Both of them were at “Politehnica” University, Timisoara.

So, what’s up with me working as a support specialist at this great company? Well, let me tell you that all of the time when I was a student, I had a secret passion: HTML and CSS. I used to create simple websites, with only HTML and CSS code.

As for my spare time, besides the secret passion, I love outdoor activities and extreme sports. In the summer, I’m keen on riding my bike off-road, often over rough terrain. In the winter, I love to go skiing. In autumn and spring, I’m fond of taking long walks with my photo camera, if the sun is shining, and fond of reading at home during rainy days. I also like to attend different urban culture events and to spend lovely evenings at the theater.

I’m feeling lucky to be one of the kangaroos at 123FormBuilder because it’s a professional environment, though the members are relaxed, united and crazy.


  1. Hello Dorina, I don’t read my news very often so my welcome is rather late. But, hahaha, actually, I did have the occasion to chat with you the other night, you magically “popped up” at exactly the moment I was wondering what something meant on the 123 web site.
    Is that down to excellent design or are you psychs!

    Florin; you are lucky to have another top person in your already great customer support team.
    To anyone reading this wondering should you subscribe to Contact Forms, the answer from me, after hmmm, over 5 years of satisfaction is an unequivocal; YES.

  2. Hola!!! quisiera saber si hay alguna forma de traducir la pag al español porque me es muy dificil que este todo en ingles. De ser asi me gustaria comprar un paq. porque me encanta 123FormBuilder ademas de hacer buenos y sencillos formularios los podes aplicar a un monton de sitios blogger, facebook, ect.

    Saludos y Gracias

    1. Sí, puede traducir cualquier forma en español. Cambiar las etiquetas de campo en el editor de formularios y traducir cualquier otro mensaje en la sección Settings -> Translations. Incluso puede utilizar los formularios multilingües.

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