Welcome Adina to the 123FormBuilder team!


by 123FormBuilder

We have recently got new awesome people on board! Meet Adina, the newest marketing specialist at 123FormBuilder. We’re very happy to have her around and we’re sure that you’ll like her too!

Hello everybody,

My name is Adina Alexandra Toma and I am the newest marketing kangaroo of 123FormBuilder. Really pleased to have found my place in what I see as a perfect team – mostly because of its great concept, most effective brand involvement, friendly team, and of course because of its pro customer approach. It’s even more rare than you imagine to find a company that puts customers on first line – like 123FormBuilder does.

I have graduated the University of Management & Economic Engineering in Agriculture with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. Yeah, right.. nothing to do with the digital world so far. Between you and me, I was actually the biggest computer-anti-talent back then. Details..

I accidentally discovered the online world immediately after graduation and started doing Search Engine Optimization for a local hostel. The sweet taste of success made me put more effort into discovering the digital world, and soon I have attended programming and digital marketing courses. Believe me, it was not as easy at it sounds. During first class of PHP I was continuously drawing on a paper and trying to convince myself not to quit. Thanks to the teacher for not kicking me out!?! Or maybe great drawers are not to be touched.

Following on from this, I have remotely joined a global digital agency as an Online Marketing Manager. My main roles continued into the areas of SEO, Social media and Email marketing. Implementing successful digital marketing strategies from scratch was the most challenging and enjoying part of my job.

In my free time I just like to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. I am really a sporty person that loves both sea and mountain and likes to get involved in all sport & fun activities: from swimming to snowboarding or dancing.

Why here, why now? After some years of working in the online marketing world, I’ve decided it’s time to join a professional and customer focused team. My goal is to increase customer reach engagement and satisfaction. With that spirit in mind I’ll just say “Go, Kangaroos, go!”

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